TTM Tues! Bryan Cranston Update! Michael C. Hall & James Franco Signing Up A Storm! Kirk Douglas! And More!

What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with TTM Tuesday….
Let us start off with a legendary success I received the other day. He has notably stopped signing in the last several years…

Well, it doesn’t mean he is signing again, but it might give you hope. Kirk Douglas signed a couple items for me in a pretty fast turnaround. Now, I will also add, a friend of mine received a failure letter the same day I received my items. Therefore, I might just have been fortunate…
 kirk douglas signed autograph books
Michael C. Hall is signing from his play, “The Realistic Joneses.” Toni Collette and the ex-killing star have been picking up some mail, so send away! July 6th is their last day… Yes… Michael C. Hall from DEXTER!

The Realistic Joneses”


149 West 45th Street

New York, NY 10036


the realistic joneses broadway play poster

More News Alerts!

”The Cripple Of Inishmaan” starring Daniel Radcliffe is sending out UNSIGNED playbills… So if you planned to get a signed playbill from the Harry Potter star, it’s not happening. I have seen several failed requests in the last several days…
cripple of inishmaan promo poster daniel radcliffe

According to Ryan from Collecting Autographs Through The Mail on Facebook, “All The Way” starring Bryan Cranston is sending out rejection letters for those who sent out playbill requests. They are asking for $50. This really disappoints me guys… It’s becoming an ongoing fad for fans that collect playbills. Part of the problem is too many people are asking for playbills… Regardless, I won’t be paying the fee… I don’t mind donating half of that, but the donation they want serves to dishearten collectors.

all the way signed playbill request rejection

(Editor’s Note: Weighing in on this “debate” I think the concept is fine to ask for a donation but I don’t like the way that they are going about it. You can request a donation without making it seem like you’re paying for the playbill. Perhaps a donate what you can policy. However, $50 is a lot to ask. Just my two cents! M-)
Lastly, talking about autograph collectors… There is always an ongoing debate on whether or not TTM collectors send to people they are really fans of… Sometimes, people send to get an autograph, but don’t really know who they are sending to. Now, an assistant has posted on Ryan’s Facebook page calling TTM collectors out about her pet peeves. I think it serves as a great note for all of us, especially the next time we send a letter out…

Lastly, James Franco is signing fanmail! I know there are plenty of fans out there… Franco is always an amazing signer, so go crazy!
‘Of Mice And Men”
c/o Longacre Theatre
220 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036

of mice and men broadway poster

Let us know what you think…

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