TTM Tues! Successes From The Stars Of Troop Beverly Hills! The Tonight Show! Revenge Of The Nerds! And More!

The more and more I talk with autograph collectors, the more I see how we all have different things we try to get signed; Some like a standard glossy 8×10 signed; Others like figures or toys signed; My preference for photos comes from a press kit. Last year, I did an article on press kits- you can read it here:

I’ve heard that some celebrities can be particular about what items they will or will not sign. As an example- Michael Keaton will allegedly not sign any Batman or Beetlejuice photos; Julianne Moore will allegedly not sign 8×10 photos because she thinks they are going to be sold.. And the list goes on and on. And then there are some celebrities that won’t sign at all..or will they? Read on..

I have loved Shelley Long for a long time. She was brilliant on “Cheers”, and her string of 80’s movies like “Troop Beverly Hills”, and “Outrageous Fortune” were some of the best for their time. Over the years, she developed a reputation among collectors to be pretty difficult to get. Like many, I tried. Like many, I failed. Then last week something amazing happened. I opened an envelope and inside was my “Troop Beverly Hills” Press kit photo… dedicated to me and signed by Shelley Long. She even included a handwritten note thanking me for writing to her. This is the exact reason I keep collecting. You just never know!

Ready to try your hand at writing to your favorite? Get out your pens, because this week the stars are aligned:

Shelley Long
Mavrick Artists Agency
8447 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 301
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Curtis Armstrong
3867 Shannon Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Revenge of the Nerd is autographed by Curtis Armstrong

Marc McClure
c/o Shamon Freitas Talent Agency
3916 Oregon Street
San Diego, CA 92104

Kevin Tighe
P.O. Box 453
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284-0453

Jay Leno
254 Ocean Avenue
Newport, RI 02840

jay leno signing autographs for fans photo rare promo signature signed photo rare promo tonight show host

Elizabeth Hurley
c/o Simian Productions Ltd
PO Box 102
Ledbury, HR8 9JY

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