TTM Tues! What’s The Oddest Thing You Ever Sent To Get Signed? Address Updates! And More!

It’s TTM Tues.

Ace is still in the middle of his finals week hence his absence yet again. Hopefully, the hooded one will be back soon.

As a funny side note, Charlie Day was on Conan and talked about living next door to Zac Efron and his collection of Zac Efron fanmail.

It’s a great reminder to always make sure an address is current before sending off. You don’t want your letter mixed in with Charlie Day’s Zac Efron shrine.

In some more TTM news, Pop band 5 Seconds of Summer talked about missing actual letters.

Ashton revealed: “We used to get a lot more letters and now, people just hand us bits of paper with Twitters on them. I really miss the day of the love letter. It was a better time…”

five seconds of summer hot sexy photo

Twitter and social media, it’s great but also can get impersonal at times.

I was thinking about this the other day as well… What is the weirdest thing you ever sent out to get signed?

I’ve sent some odd things for sure, Pop Vinyl, Counter standees, etc… but I don’t think I’ve ever sent anything too odd…. Hmmm…

james earl jones signed pop vinyl

I did send Gene Wilder an action figure/doll… That may have been the weirdest thing I’ve sent off…

gene wilder signed young frankenstein doll

According to Stylecaster, there have been some odd things people have received.

Jared Leto got a human ear, which he strung on a necklace and wore onstage.

Kesha got human teeth that she made into a necklace.

Alice Cooper got a small coffin with a tiny cat inside…

Oh wait… I did sent Michael C. Hall a coffin… But it was a Six Feet Under promo… Sooooooo… It’s sort of legit right?

Michael C. Hall signed coffin

And the Jonas Brothers got a dead shark preserved in a tube… Nice!

What is the oddest thing you ever sent out to get signed! I want to know! Can you beat my Six Feet Under coffin?


If you’re a fan of Who’s the Boss? or Taxi, get pen and paper ready!

Tony Danza
Honeymoon in Vegas
c/o The Nederlander Theater
208 W. 41st Street
New York, NY 10036

Tony Danza is responding to fanmail at a quick pace!

katherine helmond fan photo signing autographs

tony danza who's the boss stops to sign autographs at jane morgans walk of fame star ceremony rare promo

Rupert Grint is responding via “It’s Only A Play.” Some people have gotten things signed, some preprints so… it’s up to you.

‘It’s Only A Play’
c/o Gerald Schoenfeld Theater
236 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036-3901

It’s only until Jan. 4th so get them out.

Has anyone had success from Stockard Channing at this address? I wanted to send but haven’t heard anything!

Rupert Grint signing autographs for fans at the the harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 new york movie premiere waiting fans for the red carpet daniel radcliffe sexy rare

Finally, a lot of people have asked me about Michael C. Hall.
I think he’s being a lot slower in responding this time and his play ends Jan. 4th as well.

‘Hedwig And The Angry Inch’
Belasco Theatre
111 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

michael c hall signing autographs for fans kill your darlings movie premiere

If you’re really wanting him, write soon!

That’s it for this week! Remember, let me know your oddest thing you sent off to get signed!

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