TV Heartbeat! Schoolhouse Rock and Sons of Anarchy! Goodbye Wil Wheaton! More Witches on the way!

Are you ready for some football? Are you ready to catch Sunday Night Football on Thursday and Saturday? Yeah, I’m not sure NBC’s program title is very clear since Sunday Night Football will debut this Thursday with Packers vs. Seahawks and then also have a slot on Saturday with Colts and Broncos. Then we’ll finally get Sunday Night Football on a Sunday with the Bears and 49ers. (Go Bears!). Clear as mud! For a little clearer programming, The League is also premiering tonight on FXX.

The League

School is back in session with a Schoolhouse Rock special! This look back at the educational shorts features interviews with the writers and a countdown of the most memorable segments. So if you’re happy (hooray!) or sad (aww…) or frightened (eeek!) or mad (rats!) tune in for a nostalgic and educational look back!


HBO is trading one gloomy show for another gloomy critically lauded show. The Leftovers will end their first season this Sunday when Boardwalk Empire starts up its final season. Yawn…

Leftovers Amy Brennan Ann Dowd

To shake things up, how about a little anarchy? Sons of Anarchy starts its final ride on FX.

Sons of Anarchy (2)

Fox is hoping for some ratings Utopia with a high concept reality show – a bunch of strangers (who else?) will be dropped into an open field and will need to create their own society from scratch. What could go wrong? To build its audience, Fox is airing it almost nightly for the first couple of weeks.


Speaking of high concept, what happens when 2 directors tackle the same script? The Chair, a new documentary series on Starz, follows two first-time directors who are independently making their own movies from the same script.

Anna Martemucci (Director), Shane Dawson (Director), Drew Monson (Actor) and Chris Moore (Executive Producer) from upcoming Starz show "The Chair"

Anna Martemucci (Director), Shane Dawson (Director), Drew Monson (Actor) and Chris Moore (Executive Producer) from upcoming Starz show “The Chair”

Tonight: The League season premiere (FXX)
Thursday: Sunday Night Football premiere (NBC)
Saturday: The Chair debut (Starz)
Sunday: ABC’s of Schoolhouse Rock (ABC), Boardwalk Empire final season premiere (HBO), Utopia debut (Fox), Sunday Night Football season premiere (NBC), The Leftovers season finale (HBO)
Monday: Monday Night Football season premiere (ESPN)
Tuesday: Sons of Anarchy final season premiere (FX), Utopia (Fox), Fashion Rocks special (CBS)
Wednesday: Hell’s Kitchen season premiere (Fox)

Outlander this week!

Claire’s escape attempt from Castle Leoch didn’t go so well last week, but now that she’s on the road, there should be more opportunity for her to sneak away, right? Right?

Dougal is leading this rent-collecting party so things won’t be easy– especially when Claire learns more about the Dougal’s “other business.” She has some definite opinions on that and, well, Dougal won’t like it. Gulp!

Out 105- Dougal raising funds

Health check

Houdini made a large audience appear for the most watched cable miniseries of the year.


On the other hand, critics put the Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story in detention and audiences ditched class as well since the ratings were pretty low.

Fox’s Gang Related is one and done – the show will not be renewed for another season.


And speaking of goodbyes, Sheldon may be cheering that Syfy cancelled his frenemy’s show, The Wil Wheaton Project. Awkward and not very funny, the show couldn’t amass an audience so this isn’t a surprise. What’s disappointing is that Syfy exec’s are thinking this is a sign that they need to go back to more traditional Syfy fare which means more movies about giant ants and WWE on Fridays. Sigh!

Wil Wheaton project

Hemlock Grove will continue to bewitch Netflix viewers for a third and final season!


Netflix also scored with the right to air Gotham before it airs on Fox later this month. Fox is definitely doing all it can to promote that show big…


Stay tuned!

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