What Is Digital Video Production? And How Do You Get Started Creating Your Own Content!

A video with a well-made script, special effects, and graphics can fascinate from the first seconds. In just a few minutes the user will spend viewing it, you can tell an exciting story, teach something, and introduce your company or product.

It’s no wonder that digital video production is such a huge thing now. It’s capable of doing what other media can’t: capture the user’s attention, using their eyes and ears at the same time. With it, you’ll have no problem building a connection with your audience. But what’s behind the term?

What is digital video production all about?

Digital video production is the process of making video content in, well, a digital way. Back in the day, studios and amateurs relied on analog videotapes to capture footage, and editors sometimes had to cut the bad parts manually, but this approach has long become obsolete, giving way to digital camcorders and SSDs. Editing and distribution are now also completely digital. All it takes to put a video together is a powerful PC and a couple of programs. Everything else is mostly the same as in traditional filmmaking: directors still direct, gaffers still need to take care of the lighting, and cameramen still do their thing, and so on.

The advantages of digital video production over other media

The main pros of filmmaking haven’t changed much over the past years, be it analog or digital. Businesses still seek out reliable production studios to make sure their commercial and promo clips deliver the right message to the public. A good video is able to:
– Make complex topics simpler to understand;
– Keep the viewer interested, regardless of its length;
– Show and tell.

But digital videos have new advantages as well:
– They can increase conversions and attract leads;
– They draw potential clients to your social media accounts;
– They boost the search engine ranking of your website;
– They help you win the trust of the audience.

All in all, digital video production is the most powerful tool if you plan on advertising your business online.

How digital video production works

The process of filmmaking is mostly the same as it was decades ago. It’s divided into three major steps: pre-production, production, and post-production.


It’s the earliest stage in filmmaking. That’s when all the ideas for the future movie are born, and every other detail regarding the process is thought out. First, you plan the budget. Then you write a script and create storyboards. After that, you find a suitable location for shooting, prepare the equipment, and scout talent.


Once you take care of all the details, you may now proceed to the production phase. It’s the shortest yet the most responsible and stressful stage. During filming, the crew should work as a hive to deliver a high-quality product in shot terms. The list of tools you might need at this phase is enormous depending on the complexity of the video.


Once you have the footage, you can start putting it together. Editing includes not only cutting the pieces of the video but also sound mixing, voiceover recording, and color correction, not to mention optional stages, like adding special effects and graphics.

Bottom line

Perhaps, the main advantage of modern digital filmmaking is that you can combine it with a variety of other media assets, like text, photos, images, and audio. In addition to that, the market is now full of young but professional studios ready to deliver an A-grade video for your business. Or instance, check out Cinema-Friends production studio if you need a catchy, bright promo video fast.

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