WTF! Now They are remaking Soapdish! Hollywood stop Raping my Youth! Enough is Enough!

soapdish one sheet movie poster mini rare promo kevin kline robert downey Jr. whoopi goldberg teri hatcher elizabeth shue

And no I don’t think that was melodramatic at all! Why dear Jesus why? Is the world ending? Is armageddon really coming, because let me tell you sometimes it certainly feels like it. There were rumblings of an Adventures in Babysitting remake. I threw up just a little when I heard that. Then I heard they were remaking Clue: The Movie. Some small part of me died inside. And now Soapdish! The little cult classic that could! Seriously! WHY!Y!Y!Y!Y!Y!Y!Y!Y!Y When you have a cast that includes Robert Downey Jr., Elizabeth Shue, Kevin Kline, Sally Field, Whoopie Goldberg, and more why mess with it! Leave it alone! Soapdish is one of my favorite little gems of joy and now it’s getting remade? Seriously, I know there are good scripts and ideas out there, I know there are, why rape my youth? I’ll say this once, and that’s it. It anyone touches Troop Beverly Hills it’s on bitch! It’s on!

Take a look after the jump for some classic movie poster art for films that should never be remade!

troop beverly hills shelley long rare jenny lewis rilo kiley poster one sheet promo press kit
clue the movie one sheet movie poster rare mini matin mull lesley ann warren christopher lloyd
9 to 5 nine to five what a way to make a living dolly parton poster promo jane fonda
freeway reese witherspoon kiefer sutherland promo one sheet poster movie cult classicthe monster squad rare promo mini movie one sheet movie psoter wolfman dracula fred dekkar
parker posey party girl promo mini poster rare promo cult classic heh heh hello house of yes
national lampoons vacation john hughes one sheet movie poster chevy chase rare one sheet promo poster shirt walley world

ally sheedy judd nelson brakfast club promo one sheet movie poster rare hot classic john hughes
pretty in pink john hughes molly ringwald annie potts jon cryer andrew mccarthy white collar

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