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Captain Phillips London Film Festival Premiere! Tom Hanks! Terry Gilliam! Rita Wilson! Autographs And More!

Oh Tom Hanks… How you frustrate me. Coming across like everybody’s best friend and when in reality.. You’re not! James just got back from the London Film Festival where Captain Phillips premiered starring Mr. Tom Hanks. I was hoping that Tom would have been nicer but he signed like maybe 20 for the crowd. Sigh…... read more ->

I Finally Get To Meet 12 Monkeys and Brazil Director Terry Gilliam! Autographs and More!

I know a lot of people out there only love trying to meet the actors, however I say this time and time again, and it’s the directors who really craft a film. When you have a great director behind the lens it makes so much difference in the final film. It’s their baby honestly. There... read more ->