10 Must have Apps for Sports Lovers!

The sports industry is vast and diversified, with numerous international championships in several activities. This has made sports lovers find it difficult to keep tabs on all their favorite events. There are several ways to stay informed about the sporting world: watching the news, reading papers, and visiting many game websites. But these ways enforce stress and frustration. Instead, sports apps are the easiest way to keep you informed on your favorite player and team. With your knowledge, you can effectively earn from any of the top 10 betting apps. These applications offer sports bettors the convenience of placing bets on their favorite team and player. Additionally, monitoring of stakes is better with easy money deposit and withdrawal.

Here is a list of must-have apps for game lovers. It is a combination of sports news and betting apps that will keep a fan up to date on all events and place bets based on current information. Some of these include:

  • Yahoo! Sports
  • LiveScore
  • ESPN
  • Bleacher Report
  • TheScore App
  • Betway Sportsbook
  • MaximBet Sportsbook
  • BBC Sports App
  • CBS Sports App
  • MSN Sports App 


10 Best Apps for Game Lovers

  1. Yahoo! Sports

This is one of the most famous apps you can find in the sports world. Almost all fans have this app installed on their smartphone. The application is unique in using geo location to provide fans with current and exciting news. It also covers competitions and big leagues like the UK soccer, American, Italian, and German League, and so on.


The app can be personalized to suit your specs. You can select your favorite players, leagues, and teams, so the news relating to your preferred club and teams can be delivered. It also has breaking news alerts, enhanced coverage, and a user-friendly interface. 


2. LiveScore

This app is for fans more interested in knowing the scores and simple analysis of a match rather than watching the game live and studying in-depth news analysis in sports. LiveScore shows you updated scores for matches being played by different leagues. It is regarded as one of the fastest apps, even on a device with a slow connection. You can select the default game, football, soccer, ice hockey, cricket, tennis, and basketball. 



ESPN is the official app for an American sports media conglomerate known as the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. It is known to every game fan. Though it’s American-based, its news and events transmission extends beyond the USA and covers the world.


This application has fantastic features, providing fanatics with news and live-streamed games from significant games like basketball, football, golf, and baseball. ESPN also has program channels, video records, and podcasts. It can also be customized by choosing your favorite team and leagues. You can also select your region to get news regarding your country specifically. Then, it will automatically save all the team and league information in a different tab.


4. Bleacher Report

The main focus of the Bleacher Report app is covering national sports. The app gives you detailed information on sporting news, even an injured player or traded player. It also offers reviews and stats after a game. The Bleacher Report app pulls news articles from various media sources. It has a personalized section, “My Team.” You can customize the «My team ” section to select the information related to your team. All news in the Bleacher Report app is shareable on all social media platforms. 


5. Betway Sportsbook

The Betway app is one the most popular betting apps among the top 10 betting apps in the gaming industry. It is easy to use and pop-up menus are limited compared to other apps. This is undoubtedly an application you should have on mobile as a fan in case you want to stake a game. Betway app covers every major league and gaming event that a fan might consider attractive. It also offers a solid new-user offering. 


6. MaximBet Sportsbook

The MaximBet is one of the best betting apps a fan can have on a device. It offers its users a solid betting experience with excellent graphics. Also, it provides every bit of games and league events. Quality customer service is assured, and the application offers stress-free banking and the best odds in the game. 

7. TheScore App

TheScore App is one of the most common game apps. TheScore provides users with game analysis, scores, and updates, including breaking news. Users of theScore app can view the events calendar to stay informed on upcoming games. It also features a personalized news feed, social media sharing option, scores dashboard, and group chats for fans.


8. CBS Sports App

Regarded as one of the best live news apps, the CBS sports app provides users with score updates, stats, and analysis. This application features specs like personalized news, 24/7 sports news, betting advice from experts, a user-friendly interface, and on-demand game highlights features. You can choose the CBS sports radio or watch the HQ channel for a video stream. It also provides live-streaming services for various game events.

9. BBC Sports App

BBC Sports app is focused on serving users directly, enhancing users’ experience, and delivering information required by users on their home screens. This streaming app lets fans get news updates, live scores, and match highlights. It is intentional about member privacy and introduces privacy protocols to ensure data security. It also offers live video streaming of game events, advanced personalized pages, and sharing features.


10. MSN Sports App

The MSN Sports app is known for its quick updates on users’ favorite teams and leagues. It covers over 150 leagues and allows users to follow thousands of game teams. The application has unique features such as an attractive user experience design, video highlights and post-game stats, and venue listings for all events.


Sports apps are an excellent tool to keep up with news, schedules, live scores, and other game events. This is important as you need this updated information to place winning bets. Thanks to our expert guest author Kate Richardson, we’ve learned about the ten must-have apps for sports lovers. You can view his profile here.


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