The 2019 Year End Recap! Favorite Moments! Embarrassing Encounters! Surprises! And More! The MTF Writers Tell All!

2019… I feel like it just started and not finishing up! This has been a crazy year for me, I bought a new condo, was on House Hunters, might be off and running on a new business venture, so. yeah… It’s been something…

It’s always fun to look back on all the things we’ve done and gone through, the moments we forgot, made fools of ourselves and just plain loved.

So, here is our end of the year recap from all the MTF writers, at least those who filled out their survey! 🙂


What’s your favorite celebrity encounter this year?

Lisa-Lisa – Susan Olsen and the Brady House Tour— Getting a behind the scenes tour of the new renovated Brady Bunch House renovation from Susan Olsen (aka CIndy Brady).

Scotty – Victoria Beckham –  Getting Posh Spice to come back after getting to her car was just a magical moment!

Billy – Probably Mike Meyers.  This guy is a legend for me

Big Mike – Mel Brooks

Pinky – Probably meeting the Schitt’s Creek cast at the Emmys – was so fun to get such great pics with the cast of a show we love so much.

Suddenly Susan – Misha Collins!! I was dying to meet him after binge watching Supernatural and then I was lucky enough to meet him 3 times in the span of 3 short months! Once was a quick by chance encounter at Comic Con, then at a scheduled convention, then a random book signing (which you’ll get to read about if Mike ever puts it on the site). All 3 meetings were different in their own way, but he was so kind and so cute at every one of them. He’s amazing to his fans!

JM – The three times I met Guillermo Del Toro within two weeks, including his walk of fame ceremony. Guillermo always goes above and beyond to interact with his fans.

Mike The Fanboy – I think my favorite encounter this year was Julia Roberts. Lisa-Lisa and I were so lucky to be able to meet her in a small rather intimate setting and our photos… So amazing!

What was your most bumbling moment with a celebrity?

Lisa-Lisa – I said something so stupid and unintelligible to Jeremy Allen White (Lip on Shameless) –I was trying to tell him how much I like the show so I didn’t like I was just being a creeper…. and I instead came off like some idiot who couldn’t speak a complete sentence.

Scotty – Victoria Beckham – This was my most bumbling moment of the year.  I was so in shock that she came all the way back to meet us after going to her car.   I just kept thanking her for making my night and that it had truly been 20 years of waiting to meet her.  Having her sign my poster and getting a picture with Posh Spice was beyond exciting.  I think her people knew I was a true fan in the excitement seen on my face.

Billy – Probably Rachel Brosnahan.   Not cause I was nervous, but because I for the life of me couldn’t get a good photo-op one night.  Camera wasn’t ready, double flash, it seriously took 3 tries.  But she’s so nice, she stuck with me.

Big Mike – Jamie Lee Curtis. There were only five graphers when she came up to us and a couple more came outta nowhere and I had to move my giant posters around so she’d see them and hopefully sign. She signed three sporadically, two with a shitty silver sharpie before switching to my Deco Color and giving a great signature.

Pinky – All of them?

Suddenly Susan – I don’t have one because I’m too cool for school. Though I did almost let Shia LaBeouf walk right past me because I was all alone and got nervous!

JM – The two different times I bumped into Quentin Tarantino at the same bar. The first one a small crowd was approaching him and we each got “our moment with him” although he wasn’t doing selfies or autographs. Still, he will talk your ear off and vice versa. Needless to say I rambled on and gushed over The New Beverly Cinema, which he greatly appreciated instead of asking about “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.” The second time I bumped into QT this year was while on a date and discreetly thanked him for being awesome. Both times had QT laughing, but I’m sure the mutual fanboy tendencies were greatly appreciated instead of the usual questions.

Mike The Fanboy – Okay, I didn’t mention it in my recap but I was trying to make a joke to Cody Fern from Horror Story and it really came off like a “Dad Joke” and I was like… Oh God. But the dude was wearing a shirt where I could see his nipples, I mean… I think we were both at fault. 🙂

cody fern with fans american horror story apocalypse fyc sarah paulson with fans 0006

What long-awaited celebrity did you finally meet this year?

Lisa-Lisa – Julia Roberts  — a white whale I never expected to see in person, let alone get a selfie and signature.

Scotty – Victoria Beckham

Billy – Chloe Sevigny.  I have been a big fan of hers since the movie Kids came out.  She’s never in LA!

Big Mike – Mel Brooks and David Cronenberg. Both very nice.

Suddenly Susan – Henry Thomas! I finally got to meet my childhood crush after all these years. I LOVED me some Henry Thomas when E.T. came out (like every other 12 year old girl). I met him at a small convention, but he was super sweet and I got an adorable photo and autographed poster from him.
Also Seth MacFarlane. I’m LOVE Family Guy and American Dad, but also enjoy The Cleveland Show and loved the movie Ted. Almost anything he touches is gold in my book. (I say anything because, well, you know 8 Million Ways to Die in the West). I’ve been to so many Comic Cons and never had the chance to meet him even though his presence was all over the con. This year I finally got to meet him at a signing for The Orville. He was super nice to meet especially after I told him how many times I’ve missed meeting him. I got a great poster and signature too!

JMMeeting Matthew McConaughey. Growing up with “Dazed and Confused” I never thought in a million years I would get the chance to meet him and he was super awesome.

Mike The Fanboy – Eddie Murphy! This FYC season he was out a lot but I never managed to catch up with him except one time. Super stoked though, he was really cool!

What is the moment that you hold most dear from 2019 in terms of graphing or collecting?

Lisa-Lisa – Getting personalized graphs from Peter Hinwood– Rocky from Rocky Horror Picture Show –never thought he would be reachable.

Scotty – Victoria Beckham

Billy – There’s 2.  1, When Elle Fanning in the middle of a Q&A asked if there was a Billy who drove 3 hours to the theatre on his birthday to see her movie.  She then proceeded to sign a number of photos for me and take a photo.  2.  At a meet and greet with Evan Rachel Wood and Zane Carney, Evan Rachel signed 19 things for me.  I told her I over printed and she just kept signing. 

Big Mike – Meeting the legend Mel Brooks.

Pinky – It was probably being on set with Keith during Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and getting a pic with Jason and Kevin in costume. That was really cool.

Suddenly Susan – Misha Collins touching my arm and asking me about the tattoo I had made in memory of my Dad. That was pretty cool.


JM – It’s a tie between two film projects: “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” and “The Irishman.” This year I bumped into Quentin Tarantino twice, met a few of the cast members randomly throughout the year and won a contest for a limited edition Director’s chair celebrating the film. For “The Irishman” getting tickets to the premiere, listening to Martin Scorsese introduce the entire cast including Pacino, De Niro, Keitel & Pesci, my girlfriend bumping into the entire cast at the premiere and receiving limited edition lobby cards at a theatrical screening was unreal. Needless to say, it’s a tough toss-up between both movies.

Mike The Fanboy – Okay, not to sound sentimental or anything, but as I write this all down, it’s the moments you get to hang out with your friends, go to a fun FYC event, make fun of Billy, and just enjoy everyone’s company. SDCC was a lot of fun, The Amazon event for Maisel was OMG amazing, Hugh Grant, It’s an embarrassment of riches.


What celebrity will you not try to meet again because it was so disappointing?

Lisa-Lisa – Tom Hanks  

Scotty – Billie Eilish – No, I was not there for the “Booing” that occurred.  I don’t agree with the yelling and cursing that occurred.  I had a three on one experience with her before her incredibly popular album was released.  I was thrilled with the possibility of meeting her as I thought she was an incredible talent.  She refused to to sign my EP, Don’t Smile At Me, and only agreed to take pictures and hug the two teenagers waiting.  I was disappointed that she turned down the one “older” person asking her.  There wasn’t a crowd.  It just left a bad taste in my mouth.  It just bummed me out.  Do I think she is still talented after this encounter?  Yes!  Will I buy her album or attend her concert after this meeting?  No.  That is just my way of looking at it.  I don’t wish her any ill will.  She just won’t have me as a fan.  I have received signatures from more legendary artists who had no problems signing my albums. These are albums that I cherish in my collection.

Billy – Honestly, I could give 2 shits about Brie Larson anymore.  I used to be one of her biggest fans, but her attitude towards her fans these past couple of years has been horrible.  I got her on what I need.  I’m not paying $200 for a lesser auto.

Pinky – Hugh Grant

Big Mike – Lynda Carter “felt sick” all of a sudden for the mostly dealers and a couple of collectors after one of her jazz shows. Chris Evans wouldn’t even look over at a small group of us at a press junket for Knives Out. 

JM – Larry Fishbourne. I’m still in shock and let it be a lesson to everyone else out there: Never bring an item to an event if you DON’T CARE about meeting a certain celebrity that’s also attending. Considering I was the only person except Scotty the Music Man with something besides “Matrix” related… Larry was unreal.  For Larry Fishbourne to scream, yell and curse at me was absolutely absurd, especially considering it was on a limited edition “Apocalypse Now” dossier edition DVD. I commend him for signing despite how crazy everything got, but for him to curse at me multiple times for asking politely to sign a non-Matrix item was BEYOND OVER THE TOP!

Mike The Fanboy – Charlize Theron, Wynona Ryder and Elizabeth Banks.


Looking forward to 2020!

What celebrity do you want to meet the most next year?

Lisa-Lisa – Iggy Pop 

Scotty – She continues to be on the list: Dolly Parton

Billy – Every year I say Clint Eastwood and it doesn’t happen, so this year I’ll try someone else.  With the Irishman getting award nominations, I would like to meet Joe Pesci or Harvey Keitel.

Pinky – Renee Zellweger, Robert Smith, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift

Big Mike – Anyone from a Tarantino movie

Suddenly Susan – It’s a tie – the Supernatural boys (Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki) and Oscar Isaac – he’s been my unicorn for years now.

JM -Wes Anderson and Margot Robbie.

Mike The Fanboy – Meryl Streep and Mary Gross.

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