The Top 10 Best Autograph Signers And Most Fan Friendly Celebrities Of 2012! With Charlie Hunnam! Johnny Depp! Matt Bomer! Jessica Chastain! And More!

End of year lists! Yay! I love them! Even if I read the same names on them over and over and over and over again!

This one is sure to be different… Well, kind of… LOL… This is the top 10 best autograph signers and most fan friendly celebrities of 2012!

There were some amazing experiences this past year, as evidenced by not only the website by also the 2012 recap that was just posted.

We’re going to go into the negative in another post but for now, lets go the positive route shall we?

okay, here is the official Mike The Fanboy list of the top 10 best autograph signers of 2012!


10. Matt Bomer – The nicest of the Magic Mike men, I don’t think that Matt Bomer has a mean bone in his body. Stories of Matt taking time for fans on the set of White Collar are legendary! Quite simply, Matt is a hell of a nice guy!

Sexy Matt Bomber Signing autographs for fans white collar magic mike rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

9. Charlie Hunnam The Sons of Anarchy star may play a hardened biker on TV but in person, he is the coolest guy ever. He stops on set, in public, at premiere’s… In fact, he stops for fans pretty much everywhere he goes.

Sexy charlie hunnam Signing autographs for fans pacific rim sons of anarchy rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

8. Aaron PaulPerhaps you read the recent articles about how awesome Aaron Paul is? Well, it’s not new. Aaron has always been a cool cat and he’s even written fun messages and loves to see the different things people hand him to sign.

Sexy aaron paul Signing autographs for fans breaking bad rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

7. Lana Del Rey – The sultry songstress has burst forth this year, and if you haven’t checked out the video for ride, you need to! I’ve seen Lana Del Rey invite fans back to the hotel to hang out with her, I’ve seen her stop her car and tell fans when she would be back from running errands, this woman is a class act!

Sexy lana del rey Signing autographs for fans video games rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

6. Mark Wahlberg – This is Mark’s second year on my list and the former underwear model is really a class act. For someone at the top of their game, I think it’s awesome he is still great to the people who put him there!

Sexy mark wahlberg Signing autographs for fans marky mark calvin klein  rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

5. Jessica Chastain The sultry red head is one of the best autograph signers out there, if she sees a barricade of people she makes sure and starts from one end and makes it down to the other. She makes sure that photos come out… and she has a beautiful autograph.

Sexy jessica chastain Signing autographs for fans zero dark thirty  rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

4. Hugh Jackman – The Real Steel star has been out a lot in the past month and generally speaking he’s been awesome. In fact, one day he did three talk shows, got his star on Hollywood Blvd., and did a Q and A. Everywhere he went. He signed autographs. That’s damn impressive!

Sexy hugh jackman Signing autographs for fans wolverine  rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

3. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – I lump these two together because they are a unit, lol. Even though they were not out as much this year, Angelina and Brad are still some of the best signers and most friendly celebrities out there.

Sexy Brad Pitt Signing autographs for fans fan photo  rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

2. Bradley Cooper – This guy is a machine. I mean a machine… How many movies has Bradley Cooper been in lately? Every premiere, every talk show, every appearance he’s a constant gentleman and so cool to fans.

Sexy bradley cooper Signing autographs for fans fan photo  rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

1.Johnny Depp – I always debate about the number one slot, but after the Dark Shadows premiere where I saw Johnny Depp sign for about an hour… I sat back and said… Damn… I mean damn… This is one guy who loves his fans. He’s super kind and he has no problem signing whatever you have. He loves seeing posters from smaller films, random memorabilia, and is like a big fanboy himself. I take my hat off to you sir!

Sexy johnny depp Signing autographs for fans dark shadows   rare promo hot sexy model sexy photo shoot rare promo

Honorable mentions:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Julie Bowen, Melissa McCarthy, Jason Ritter, Jim Sturgess, Emma Stone, Justin Timberlake, Bryan Cranston, Michael Fassbender, Malin Akerman, Elijah Wood, Guillermo Del Toro, The Walking Dead cast, The Community Cast (for the most part), Christina Hendricks, George Clooney, Jon Cryer, Taylor Kitsch, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Beckinsale, Mary Louise Parker, Stephen Moyer, Jennifer Garner, Rob Pattinson


And let’s give a shout out to the celebrities who were once really difficult but are getting better! The most improved celebrities for 2012 are:

Lea Michele – The Glee star used to be horrible to fans, in fact I could share some stories, but now it seems Lea Michele has turned a corner! Whoo Hoo!

Nicole Kidman – I love me some Nicole Kidman and only once before have I met her. I’ve heard reports she was getting nicer and at a recent q and a she spent almost 10 minutes signing autographs and taking photos!

Tim Burton – There was a time that Tim was hard to even get to but this year with Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie, Tim has been out and super nice to fans!

Christina Ricci – Once Christina was very hit and miss, but this year especially Christina has been super sweet and very cool about signing.

Chris Pine – I’ve had such a hard time with Chris Pine, he was super nice, then the dealers killed him and he was horrible… and now… He’s in the middle, he’ll do it sometimes and not others but I like the trajectory he’s going in. Let’s see what happens after the new Star Trek movie!

Zooey Deschanel – This New Girl used to be in the Natalie Portman category… And even now… She’s hit and miss, but she will be nice now, you just have to get her at the right time.

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