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Billy Beer Recaps His Fanboying In 2012! And Talks About Meeting Charlize Theron! Jessica Alba! Selma Blair! Tom Cruise! Aubrey Plaza! And The Girls From Hooters! Autographs! Photos… And… Well… Hooters!

Sometimes there’s nothing like this hobby to give you a huge rush and thrill. Man, I think we’ve all been there right? Billy Beer wanted to share some of his top moments from 2012 so I figure since this is technically New Years Eve it’s a great

2012 Recap! The Fanboy Family Talks The Best And Worst Of The Year! With Elizabeth Perkins! Keira Knightley! Charlie Hunnam! Chord Overstreet! Christina Ricci! Mad Men! And More!

Man, I can’t believe 2012 is almost over. And looking back there were some amazing moments from the past year. So, before we go into 2013, we’re going to look back and 2012! So, everyone here in the Fanboy Family was sent a brief survey about 2012