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Tom Cruise Is Prepping A Sequel To THIS MOVIE? Say Wha?

Tom Cruise is strapping on his sequel boots for a follow up to a movie that didn’t exactly light the world on fire. And no, I’m not talking about Days of Thunder, just kidding… I’m talking about the Paramount Pictures flick, Jack Reacher. And you’re probably going…

Jerry Bruckheimer Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony! Ace Has Way Too Many Signed Top Gun Posters! With Johnny Depp! Tom Cruise! Jon Voight! Autographs! And More!

What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with a recap of the Jerry Bruckheimer star event! I went to the star-studded event as soon as the sun came out! Of course, there were already people there, probably waiting from the day before. Regardless, I went to get my

Awesome Anushika’s… Well… Awesome Celebrity Photo Gallery From The Oblivion Movie Premiere! Tom Cruise! Morgan Freeman! Joseph Kosinski! Coolness!

Last week at the Oblivion premiere I finally got to see Awesome Anushika! She has been MIA since oh gosh at least a year. Insert sad face here. Man oh man! Plus, Anushika is awesome… Wait… Didn’t I say that already! Needless to say, everyone here at

Pretty In Pinky! MORGAN FREEMAN! Pinky Finally Gets Her Photo With The Seven Star At The Oblivion Movie Premiere! And Tom Cruise! It Was A Pink Day For Sure! Autographs! And More!

I told the saucy Ms. Pinky that she needed to do a separate write up from the Oblivion premiere since she was able to finally get a photo with none other than Morgan Freeman. For those of you not in the know… Morgan Freeman is a tough