A First look at Powers! The Popular Graphic Novel is Sony PlayStation’s First TV Show! The First Trailer! The NYCC Signing! Brian Michael Bendis! Eddie Izzard! Noah Taylor!

Powers is coming to TV! Sony PlayStation is moving into original programming and is kicking off their slate with an adaption of the fan-favorite graphic novel, Powers.

Powers follows the lives of two homicide detectives, Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley from District 9 and Elysium) and Deena Pilgrim (Susan Heyward from The Following), who are assigned to investigate cases involving people with extraordinary abilities, referred to as “Powers.” Not all Powers will use them for good, right? The Powers Division investigate these people whom society is treating like celebrities.

Powers (1)

Sound intriguing? Powers has actually been tested as a TV pilot before, but the ingredients weren’t quite right. The pilot shot in Chicago and I’ve talked to folks who were really excited about the concept, but things weren’t quite working. But this is a book that’s just begging to be a TV show and the stars are aligning!

Powers (3)

This time, creators Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming will be involved and they’ve brought in Charlie Huston (crime novel and comic writer) to run the show. The cast also includes Noah Taylor (Tomb Raider movies, Game of Thrones), Eddie Izzard (Hannibal), Olesya Rulin (High School Musical), Logan Browning (The Secret Circle) and Michelle Forbes (Battlestar Galactica, True Blood).

Powers (4)


Powers (2)

The cast and creators came out to meet fans for the first time at New York Comic Con (NYCC). The signing line was quite long and filled with Eddie Izzard, Brian Michael Bendis and, of course, Powers fans.

Powers signing NYCC (9)

Here’s a photo gallery of the signing with Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming, Susan Heyward, Noah Taylor (Johnny Royal, criminal mastermind), Olesya Rulin (Calista, a Power who enjoys her abilities), Logan Browning (Zora, a Power who isn’t interested in being a celebrity) and Eddie Izzard (Wolfe, an ancient bad guy).

Powers signing NYCC (2)

Powers signing NYCC (3)

Powers signing NYCC (4)

Powers signing NYCC (5)

Powers signing NYCC (10)

Powers signing NYCC (6)

Powers signing NYCC (7)

Powers signing NYCC (8)

Powers signing NYCC (11)

Here’s the first look at the trailer for Powers. WARNING!!! This show has more of a cable sensibility so the language is not meant for kids. This show is rated R (and sometimes a hard R at that).

Powers will be available to PlayStation Plus members for free in December. PlayStation owners will be able to download/stream individual episodes of Powers . For everyone else, the first episode will be available just so you can see what you’re missing if you don’t see the other 9 episodes!!

Powers signing NYCC (1)

Stay tuned!

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