Academy Award Winner Christoph Waltz and The Big Bang Theory Star Kunal Nayyar Stop To Meet Fans And Sign Autographs Before a Talk Show taping!

Christoph Waltz from Inglorious Basterds and Water for Elephants academy award winner rare villian signed autograph promo mini poster rare rob pattinsonMy back is killing me! Sigh… I’m getting old… Wait, isn’t that like a quote from Lethal Weapon… I’m getting too old for this shit! Lol… Ah well, you’re never too old to be a fan, and even though my back is killing me I just have to get out of the house. After all it’s not standing that bothers me but sitting… lol… So, if we avoided the drive, I would be doing great!

Anyway, The Big Bang Theory is one of my all time favorite shows, it’s hysterical! And today Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj Koothrappali on the show. Also taping today is Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz from Inglorious Basterds and Water for Elephants.

6:23 p.m. – I just got here, and passed a guy with a Judgement Day May 21 sign. may 21st jedgement day rare man on hollywood blvd with a sign promo god jesus freak hollywood ca californiaHmmmm… Thank God that’s the day after the Kylie Minogue concert at the Hollywood bowl! I still don’t get what’s up with this campaign, and why only in Hollywood is it being promoted. There are no signs like that is say Sherman Oaks! Lol…

6:26 p.m. – Since there are only 12 people or so, I think we should be okay. Lol… I just heard that Martin Short was here today, sigh… I’ve wanted to meet Martin Short for years! Ugh… Ah well…

6:31 p.m. – Anushika is still recovering from her Rob Pattinson experience but is here, lol… I think everyone really wants Christoph Waltz. He is an Academy Award winner for God sakes!

6:34 p.m. – I brought like five Big Bang Theory posters and my Pop up Promo Big Bang Theory diorama for Kunal Nayyar. For Christoph Waltz I have a Water For Elephant poster.

6:37 p.m. – Oh, something is happening… That’s Christoph Waltz… Christoph waltz ingolorious basterds water for elephants quentin tarantino rare signed autograph mini poster rare promo hot sexy kill bill Everyone is yelling for him to come over and holy crap here he comes! christoph waltz quentin tarantino inglorious basterds water for elephants villiam rob pattinson rare signed autograph promo mini poster villiam academy award winner photoshootThere isn’t a barricade so everyone swarms him… sigh…

6:38 p.m. – Christoph Waltz isn’t doing photos, but is signing quite a lot. He’s trying to only get one per person but I think everyone besides me is getting at least a couple.
christoph waltz signed autograph academy award winner water for elephants inglorious basterds villian promo mini poster villiam
6:39 p.m. – Someone Forced a photo opp. Christoph Waltz signed my Water for Elephants poster! He really was a cool guy, and was very friendly.
christoph waltz signed autograph inglorious basterds water for elephants promo mini poster reese witherspoon rob pattinson
6:41 p.m. – We all missed Quentin Tarantino waiting by the door. Lol… Sigh…
christoph waltz signature signed autograph water for elephants mini poster rare
6:46 p.m. – Oh, there’s the door again… It’s Kunal Nayyar! Everyone yells for him and holy crap he’s running over. Thank God security put a barricade up right before he came! Sigh…
Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory signed autograph promo emmy dvd poster hot pop up rare emmy
6:47 p.m. – Kunal Nayyar is super nice and signing away. I got him on one Big Bang Theory poster and also my promo Big Bang Theory diorama where I asked him to sign on the top doorframe! Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory signed autograph promo mini poster promo hot rare comedy cbs chuck lorre promoI love that thing. CB ran over and asked me if I needed help and got Kunal on my other three posters! kunal nayyar signed autograph big bang theory promo mini poster rare hot promo rare Damn… I can’t believe how nice both of them are!
Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory signed autograph fan friendly hot rare promo big bang mini poster promo emmy dvd pop up
Okay, well… I’m done! Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory signed autograph The Big Bang Theory promo mini posters season 4 rare hot rare simon helberg I can go home and have an evening! Whoo Hoo! I love it, cheap and slutty! Lol, got in, got out, got all my stuff signed and now I can go home! Now, I just need to rest my back! Lol…
the big bang theory pop up diorama emmy dvd promo signed autograph jim parsons kunal nayyar kaley cucco johnny galecki simon helberg

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