Alien 5 Update! It’s Still Happening! Ridley Scott’s Involvement! And Who’s Writing Prometheus 2?

It looks like before Alien there really was Prometheus.

Empire Online reported that Neill Blomkamp’s highly anticipated Aliens sequel is still very much happening. There has been rumblings that it might be going away slowly, but Empire said that Michael Biehn and “someone” at Fox said it’s a priority for the studio.

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They, according to Empire, want to make sure that it’s done right. Something I for one agree with. Listen, Alien Resurrection was a disaster and Alien 3, while the stuff of legend now could have been awesome. Instead… Well… It’s Alien 3.

Another thing is that Ridley Scott wants the new Alien film to be released after Prometheus 2.

Apparently the script for Alien 5 isn’t finished, and only an outline existed before. Ridley Scott is still producing the film as well.

sigourney weaver signed autograph alien promo lenticular rare hot promo Sigourney Weaver At James Cameron's Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

So, as it stands this is how it looks like.

Prometheus 2 will shoot in early 2016 and be released in 2017.

Alien 5 will shoot in 2017 and be released in 2018.

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And again, Empire said that there are still no Xenomorphs in the new Prometheus 2 and it’s all about the Engineers. Michael Green who wrote…. Ahem.. Green Lantern, and Jack Paglan who wrote Transcendence were working on the Prometheus 2 script…

Wow… Green Lantern and Transcendence don’t exactly inspire confidence. Like… There was a smoke monster in Green Lantern… A SMOKE MONSTER!


Prometheus logo rare movie poster one sheet rare

Prometheus, while hyper flawed but still a decent flick. Even though I picked it apart ad-nauseam at least it got people talking again right?

Here’s a tip, if someone’s talking about heaven, hell, and God.. Then suddenly sticks their finger in your drink and hands it to you… Don’t drink it. Just sayin’.


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