Cult Classic Corner! Jack Gets Pitch Slapped! Pitch Perfect Style! Meeting Sexy Anna Camp! Autographs! Photos!

Pitch Perfect! It’s Aca-Tastic! LOL…

I know it’s silly, but I’ll be honest, it’s a total trip. Universal Studios has just green lit the sequel to the “cult classic.” I have to admit I really enjoyed this movie, sure it’s a popcorn piece of fluff but it’s great for a movie night.

Jack was able to meet some of the cast, and talks about his love of the flick below!

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I aca-hate you! THANKS to Glee there has been a resurgence in the popularity of accapella groups. Now in case it wasn’t obvious I was being very sarcastic with my thanks in regards to Glee, but I do find this “obsession” of mimicking music only with your mouths pretty cool. In college I actually checked out a few performances (mostly because they were directly in front of my classes) and found them pretty entertaining. So when “Pitch Perfect” came out I was genuinely interested.

Anna Kedrick promo press still pitch perfect rare promo hot

For whatever reason I never got around seeing the film in theaters (which I regret), but immediately checked it out once it came to DVD. For me it was one of those rare occasions I returned my Netflix in the mail and ran out to buy the movie. Not only that, but I eventually bought the soundtrack too. Honestly, even if you hate Glee (like me), “Pitch Perfect” is a great comedy film to check out.

Pitch Perfect Anna Kedrick promo press still pitch perfect rare promo hot

The film opens up with the Barden Bellas competing at the Accapella Nationals against their collegiate rival, the Treblemakers, an all-male accapella group also from Barden University. Unfortunately during her solo, Aubrey Posen (Anna Camp) barfs into the audience and ruins their chance of winning.

Several months later, the new college semester begins, but only Aubrey and Chloe (Brittany Snow) remain from last year’s Bellas. They now have to assemble an entire Barden Bellas group from scratch. Freshman Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick) arrives to Barden University, but is only attending college to appease her father before jumpstarting her DJ career in Los Angeles. After much persuasion from Chloe, Beca eventually joins the group of misfits including Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson).

Pitch Perfect Anna Kedrick promo press still pitch perfect rare promo hot Film Title: Pitch Perfect

This film works on so many levels as a comedy, musical, date night option and even as a fun group movie. Not only that, but the music exceeds beyond your wildest expectations and the cast does a phenomenal job, especially the main four of Kendrick, Camp, Snow and Wilson. I definitely can’t wait to check out the sequel when it happens.

Last week I was fortunate to meet one of the cast members from the film, but boy it was a challenge. As some of you are aware, last Tuesday the “True Blood” premiere happened and it got crazy. Not only did cast members arrive late, but there was a very small window (maybe 30 minutes) for the cast to meet fans. I bring this up because Anna Camp, who played Sarah Newlin on “True Blood”, is returning for season six and graciously met fans.

Due to the time crunch, many of the stars quickly moved down the barricade and a bunch skipped around. Anna didn’t even get a third of the way down when I told a guy nearby me to hold up my “Pitch Perfect” DVD, which he agreed to help me get signed.

Anna camp signing autographs for fans true blood season 6  premiere rare promo hot  signing twoaa

Immediately, Anna and her publicist saw it and decided to continue signing all the way down. She enthusiastically signed the DVD and definitely helped make my night. Thanks random guy for helping me out and for MTF Reader Steve for sending me these pics from the premiere. Sometimes it helps to rely on the kindness of strangers.

Anna camp signing autographs for fans true blood season 6  premiere rare promo hot  signing twoaa anna camp signing autographs pitch perfect rare

She was a complete sweetheart and my only regret was being unable to locate my soundtrack too. No biggie. I’m perfectly content with my one autograph. Until the next time, happy autograph hunting!

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