Ben Stiller Goodness! The Zoolander Star Is Super Awesome To Fans! Signing Autographs and More!

Okay, now… normally… I don’t head out for things like this, but… I had to.

Ben Stiller was doing a talk show appearance and I had to try right? I love Ben Stiller, he’s just such a funny guy, and I haven’t seen him in so so long.

So, I headed out to the talk show with Scotty in the Cali heat. It’s so damn hot. You walk outside and every orifice you have, just sweats. It’s so unpleasant.

But whatever.

I got there and we had a decent place in line.

When Ben arrived he waved and went inside. doh.

We were hoping that he would do it on the way in, but nope.

So, we wait….

I got Baja Fresh, drank some soda, so many interesting and amazing things.

Oh, what we go through to get some ink on a poster right?

I headed back, hung with Scotty and contemplated every decision that led me to this moment in my life.

Finally and when I say finally, I really mean finally… out comes Ben Stiller and he comes right on over before people even have to call him.

Such a nice guy.

He was signing up a storm and doing photos.

He signed my Reality Bites poster as well as my Night at the Museum poster even though that one… didn’t come out so well.

Ben Stiller also hit my Zoolander poster as well.

It was super fast but Ben did most of the line, I don’t think he got to everyone, but he definitely tried to cover the line.

Until next time kids…

Ben Stiller signed autograph zoolander poster rare

Ben Stiller signed autograph night at the museum poster rare

Ben Stiller signed autograph night at the museum poster rare

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