Billy Beer Heads Out For Songstress Joss Stone Gets A Sort Of Diss But Gets To Meet Bourne Legacy Star Jeremy Renner! Autographs! Photos and More!

Man, after all the insanity for Jeremy Renner the other day, I swear you would have thought the man was handing out gold bars, I was honestly shocked. I like Jeremy a lot, and I think that Bourne is going to be pretty good but that madness really? Billy Beer was out and about for songstress Joss Stone, who is another person I have never met. Jeremy was also out promoting Bourne and I was expecing more madness…

Did it happen? Did Billy Beer tap out (see what I did there with the bar pun? Did ya? Did ya?

Check out Billy’s recap after the jump!


Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Bar Stool. Any good bar needs some regulars. The only way to get those is keep serving up some of those tasty beverages we call fanboy adventures. Today I go to the bar hoping to meet up with my old friend Hawkeye to pick up a cougar by seducing her with a little soulful music.

As you might have read, the last time Jeremy Renner was running around Hollywood, he was swarmed by what seemed like millions of fans hoping to get themselves an autograph. So today I expected a lot more of the same. The problem is, my actual goal today was to meet the beautiful Joss Stone. If you’ve never heard her sing Son of a Preacher Man you must do so! This Billy Beer will take her walking! To my surprise, there’s no one waiting. I don’t see anyone coming, so time to wait. MONTAGE! By now a few more people have joined me, including Jeremy Renner’s BIGGEST fan! We now have some signage, this could be good.

Jeremy is the first to leave. There’s only 5 of us. If he racked out for 50-100 people a few days ago, he should be able to take care of 5 of us. And that’s exactly what he does. He rolls down the window and is being super nice.

sexy jeremy renner signing autographs for fans while promoting the bourne legacy suit and tie

People keep saying his head is getting bigger and bigger, but he’s about to make me 4 for 4 when meeting him. No one is being aggressive, so I make sure that the girls get their graphs and pictures first. Now people are starting to rush him (REALLY? There’s only 5 of us) I rush, to get my first picture done, and then he starts to drive away. I ask for a picture, and he’s nice enough to stop and take a quick one for me. Double Score!

billy beer from mike the fanboy posing with sexy jeremy renner for a fan photo sexy jeremy renner signing autographs for fans while promoting the bourne legacy suit and tie

The next car belongs to the lovely Betty White. I really don’t expect her to roll down, and she doesn’t. She did wave. I’ve met her before and she was super nice, so this won’t effect my opinion of her at all.

billy beer from mike the fanboy posing with golden girls star betty white at her book signing hot rare golden girls star

Finally Joss’s car make her way over. I hold up my pictures, but her driver flies on by. Sad face ūüôĀ I guess she had a stalker back in the day, so I’ll hope for the next. Time to go, it’s happy hour somewhere.

jeremy renner signed autograph hurt locker photo rare hot promo sexy jeremy renner signing autographs for fans while promoting the bourne legacy suit and tie

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