Brand New Captain America Teaser Poster and Bridesmaids One Sheet Movie Poster!

captain america rare promo one sheet movie poster chris evans rare hot shirtless

Am I excited about Captain America? Yes. Was I excited before. No. This teaser poster actually makes me more excited cause I love the vintage style, the imagery, I really like it all. Simple and it gets the point across. Plus it makes me accept Chris Evans more as the lead in the Captain America franchise. So, I’m getting more and more excited for this on, and this teaser totally helps. It also feels less generic than say the Iron Man posters, which both looked exactly the same from film to film.

Bridesmaids, on the flip side, has nothing to do with Marvel or superheroes or anything. I kinda liked the trailer, I think it could be better, but I love the Kristen Wiig, and it looks cute. Am I totally stoked for it? No. But, it should be better than say Spring Breakdown. What? You haven’t heard of Spring Breakdown starring Parker Posey, Amy Poehler, and Rachel Dratch? Noooooooooo… lol… Well, let’s hope you hear of Bridesmaids, or not, if it sucks. LOL.. I’m babbling, sigh… take a look at the Bridesmaids poster after the jump!

bridesmaids rare promo movie one sheet movie poster melissa mccarthy gilmore girls maya rudolph

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