Brittany Runs A Marathon Movie Review! JM Says, “It’s a heartfelt, humorous film that keeps racing through your mind!”

“Brittany Runs A Marathon” is a heartfelt, humorous film that keeps racing through your mind. Jillian Bell breaks through with an electric, exciting performance destined to be one of the most talked about during summer.

New Yorker Brittany Forgler (Jillian Bell) can’t escape her partying ways and remains a restless 28-year-old with no ambition. Often times, Brittany stays out all night drinking with her best friend and roommate Gretchen (Alice Lee) until sunrise only to be scolded by their neighbor Catherine (Michaela Watkins), who they’ve dubbed Moneybags Martha, before passing out and repeating their shenanigans the next day. Late night adventures eventually catch up to Brittany and she visits a doctor via Yelp trying to obtain an Adderall prescription.

brittany runs a marathon review

Oblivious and refusing to recognize her unhealthy lifestyle, Brittany belittles and criticizes the doctor after advising her to lose 50 pounds. For years, Brittany believed her lifestyle was “normal” and reluctantly tries her hand at running to lose weight. Eventually with some support from her neighbor Catherine, she decides to join a running group and soon starts to discover her true self and makes friends with another reluctant runner Seth (Micah Stock). Brittany improves her lifestyle living every day to the fullest trying to become healthy. However, what happens when training takes a toll and you can’t decipher if you’re heading in the right direction?

brittany runs a marathon review

“Brittany Runs A Marathon” keeps running through your mind for miles and creates an absolutely amazing movie experience. This hard-hitting and fantastically fun directorial debut by Paul Downs Colaizzo hits the right strides. Comprised primarily with a comedic cast, these hilarious humans set the pace and stretch their acting abilities to another level demonstrating unbelievable range. Bell brilliantly captures your heart immediately and leave you intensely rooting for Brittany the entire time.

Over the past decade, audiences all around the world have watched Jillian Bell steal scenes whether it’s on TV with “Workaholics” or films like “22 Jump Street,” “Rough Night” and most recently “Sword of Trust.” Finally, Bell barrels through with a lovely leading role and showcases her true talents. Bell’s beautiful depiction of struggling with reality and adjusting your lifestyle hits home. The exceptional emotional arc allows the audience to appreciate Brittany’s transformation without warranting a cliché, condescending weight-loss journey.

brittany runs a marathon review

“Brittany Runs A Marathon” is an uplifting, unique movie managing to deliver genuine laughs and tears balancing comedy & drama. Colaizzo’s captivating script shines because he carefully crafted and assembled an awesome cast. There is chemistry clicking all around and witnessing the talented transformation of Brittany makes you appreciate her emotional journey even more satisfying. Michaela Watkins wonderfully captures the foolish façade most married adults attempt to project as they adjust with life-altering changes. Often times we’re reluctant and hesitant to open up our hearts, but when we witness and appreciate genuine compassion it allows us to break down barriers and truly be honest with everyone around us.

Utkarsh Ambudkar brilliantly plays man-child Jern, portraying the lazy lifestyle most mystified adults endure after college and attempt trying to discover themselves aimlessly drifting through life. Through happenstance Jern and Brittany’s cosmic chemistry bonds the two unlikely, underrated individuals everyone has dismissed as unworthy. Unfortunately, most people perceive society’s selfishness as the guide we need to measure ourselves amongst one another rather than appreciating what we’ve attained. Success simply is not winning, but believing your accomplishments are worthy.

brittany runs a marathon review

Although the title certainly gives away the plot, “Brittany Runs A Marathon” demonstrates the metaphorical marathon we all endure in life and the struggles we face trying to conquer our own demons. Friendships formed in the most unlikely situations seem impossible, but remember duration doesn’t determine the quality of any relationship. To be honest, it’s the underrated ones who transform into the utmost, unique and long-lasting relationships as the foundation is based on authentic appreciation rather than convenience. This delightful dramedy definitely tackles the struggles of weight loss, but also the emotional epiphanies experienced in life we often see ignored on screen. There’s a toxic, malicious moment when Brittany’s roommate Gretchen, whose boyfriend just broke up with her, provides pathetic and callous comments criticizing Brittany’s beautiful transformation in an act of jealousy. These types of moments are often overlooked and allows audience members to recognize the real truths we want to ignore. Surrounding yourself with negative nincompoops can create chaos while supporting someone, no matter how long you’ve known them, can make all the difference in the world.

brittany runs a marathon review

“Brittany Runs A Marathon” made my day and brought me to tears several times. This heartwarming, magnificent movie knows when to kick it into gear or jog through a sequence. The beautiful balance of comedy and drama delivers a thrilling ride for one of the year’s TOP 10 FILMS OF 2019. “Brittany Runs A Marathon” is a must-see sensational film featuring an unbelievable, tour-de-force performance from Jillian Bell. You would be foolish to miss this race and join the fun.

4 out of 4 stars

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