Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Julie Benz, Jenny McCarthy, Gerry Buss, and Esperanza Spalding Full Fan Report!

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How awesome is Julie Benz? I mean seriously, she is the nicest person ever. And she was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dexter, and now No Ordinary Family! She’s like a nerd’s wet dream! I love her! Well, CB got the opportunity to make her acquaintance the other day another with Ms. Jenny McCarthy who I will always remember from Singled Out and Laker’s owner Gerry Buss. Huh, who knew? Also, on the bill is Esperanza Spalding recent best new artist Grammy winner! Not a bad night!

Check out CB’s full report after the jump!

Hey, it’s CB, the one and only. Today I am going to the Knock Out Autism Fundraiser hosted by Jenny McCarthy! I got word this event was going on from Julie Benz’s twitter account, and since I’m a big fan of Julie and Jenny, I had to go. Mike was enjoying his nice warm cozy home and did not want to join me in the arctic tundra. I also plan to go meet Esperanza Spalding, who beat out Justin Bieber for the Grammy for best new performer. She’s is doing a talk show taping about three blocks away, armed with 4X6s, 8X10s and an 11X14, I’m off.

julie benz rita dexter buffy the vampire slayer angel rare signed autograph photo sexy hot

5:30: Another collector and I arrive. Sadly, we are the only two here. This is bad or good.

6:00: I’m starting to see people show up. No one famous

6:40: A Limo has arrived, all the way towards the end and it is just parked there. Odd, but okay.

6:55: That limo was Jenny’s, she walks out and goes to the door, I ask her to sign my pics and she did. It was too quick to take a picture. She signs my three pics and another guy’s photo. There are only two of us for Jenny McCarthy…yea, but I love her.

Jenny McCarthy rare photos buffy the vampire slayer dexter angel rare singled out

7:15: I see a woman walking to the club, and ask, “are you Julie Benz?” She smiles and says yes, I ask her if she can sign my two pics. She kindly signs my photos. Julie Benz is so, SO SO Nice. Mike and I met her a few weeks back at a talk show taping. She’s awesome. Another dealer literally gets 12 8X10s signed by her…Not joking, 12

julie benz angel buffy the vampire slayer joss whedon dexter autograph rare signed Buffy no ordinary family sexy hot

7:20: Oh, it’s, Gerry Buss, the owner of the Lakers. I’m a sports fan and he signs for me. Go Lakers.

gerry buss laker's owner photo signed autograph owner los angeles basketball rare CB Mike the fanboy promo

Its 7:25 and I dash over to the talk show taping for Esperanza.

9:00: After freezing my face, she finally, FINALLY leaves and she gets in her car and signs from inside her car. Totally sweetie.

Esperanza Spalding  signed autograph grammy winner justin bieber shirtless sexy hot rare naked car

She signs and personalized my two photos…YAY

Esperanza Spalding grammy winner signed autograph photo rare justin bieber promo hot sexy shirtless rare

Overall, it was a great night. I’m really happy it all turned out great.

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