60 Million Dollars! Christian Bale Offered That Much To Be Batman Once Again! Holy Payday Batman! Damn!

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Wait… 60 Million dollars… The rumor is that Warner Bros is offering up just that amount to get Christian Bale to don the Dark Knights uniform once again.

Holy payday Batman!

Do you know the shit I would do for 60 million dollars? I would pretend Paul Walker can act! I would personally launch a facebook campaign to get Vin Diesel nominated for an Oscar! I would… Well… You get the idea.

dark knight rises rare logo rare promo batman logo rare

Word on the street is that Christian Bale is considering the offer. Maybe he’s prepping his deep, husky voice for the part.

Damn… and I do mean damn. I haven’t heard of a 60 million payday in… I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting a 60 million payday!

What do you guys think? Does Christian Bale deserve that kind of cash for the part?

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