Manic Monday! Pinky Does Some “Moonlighting” After Meeting Cybill Shepherd! Selfie Stunners! :)

It’s so awesome to finally meet someone that you’ve been a fan of for years and have them be nicer than you expected!

Pinky headed out on the cold cruel streets of la la land and was lucky enough to meet Moonlighting’s Cybill Shepherd!

Check it out below!

Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here excited to share a picture with one of my faves. I’ve been a fan of Cybill Shepherd since the first time I saw Moonlighting and have followed everything she’s done since.

I adored Chances Are and her sitcom Cybill. I especially loved seeing her on the Bruce Willis comedy roast!

While I’d always heard she was nice, I didn’t realize how nice until I met her in person while she was doing a talk show appearance recently. What a sweetheart! I dare say she was almost too nice, because she spent so much time doing autographs and chatting at the beginning of the line that by the time she got to me (who was only like five people in), they were pulling her and saying she had to go. Thankfully she still did a few pictures – I would’ve been so bummed if I’d missed that! Thanks, Cybill, for being so lovely and for all of your amazing work!

Cybill Shepherd with fans signing autographs rare 0000

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