Elisa Reports From The Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids’ Flea Market In New York! Meeting Michael Shannon! Ed Asner! Ari Graynor! Autographs! Swag! And More!

Elisa is officially our girl in the Big Apple and let me tell you… She loves her theatre! Every year all the theatre’s in New York get together and have what is called the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids’ Flea Market and Grand Auction! All the theatre’s in the city get together and sell old memorabilia, props, wardrobe and lots of cool items to bid on.

One of the main draws, is that several stars from Broadway do hourly autograph signings. All of this is to help fight Aids and is an awesome way to raise money for the cause. Elisa, went this year and sent in this great report about the event.

I must admit I’ve wanted to go ever since hearing Erica’s stories over the years! Check out Elisa’s full report after the jump!


Another busy Sunday full of Broadway adventures! This past Sunday was the annual Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids’ Flea Market and Grand Auction! For the last few years I’ve attended and had the time of my life! This year, even with less money to spend than before, I had yet another INCREDIBLE time! My two main goals for the day were to meet Michael Shannon (currently on Broadway in Grace) and to meet Ari Graynor and have her sign my 10 Years poster that I started last Sunday!

I started out earlier this year; I got to 44th Street and 7th at around 8:40AM. People were already mulling about and sifting through everything, so I began. My first purchase was a How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying jacket. That show was my first Broadway investment so I try to get something from it every chance I can.

swag from the broadway flea market magic mike shirt leap of faith program rare promo

My next buy was a couple of Opening night gifts from my favorite show, Leap of Faith. The two items seemed to just about all that was available from that show. Crazy. I also ended up with a Magic Mike shirt, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo long sleeve shirt and more! Love all my purchases.

swag from the broadway flea market magic mike shirt leap of faith program rare promo

It was still before noon when I knew the Michael Shannon and Ed Asner’s autograph times would be over. So my friend and I headed to the Starbucks across the street and sat outside. I scoped out the situation from across the street and as soon as I saw that the session was over, I kept all my attention on the man in the green hat (Michael Shannon). I was freaking out but far too shy to go over and talk to him. It just so happened I was also meeting a friend on at that time. She literally dragged me across the street and said to Mr. Shannon, “This is my friend and she’s a huge fan” successfully breaking the ice. I gushed at him telling him I loved his work. He thanked me and shook my hand, asking my name. He was so genuine. I’d also worn my Superman Converse and pointed to them saying I couldn’t wait for the Man of Steel (he’ll be General Zod). He answered, “Oh those are great. Sorry you have to wait so long for it to come out.” I smiled and mentioned I’d seen footage at SDCC that was holding me over. I thanked him again and told him I couldn’t wait to see him in Grace. Somewhere in there, I got a picture with him. Haha! I was so dazed and it’s clear that I was REALLY excited about the picture. Such an wonderfully nice guy and an incredible talent.

Elisa from Mike The Fanboy with Michael Shannon at the broadway cares equity fights aids rare

A few minutes later, I noticed Ed Asner making his way out and, with another intervention from my friend, I got a pic with him! BONUS! He’s such a legend. I got autographs from neither as I figured I’d get them when I went to see Grace.

Elisa from Mike The Fanboy with Ed Asner at the broadway cares equity fights aids rare

I wandered around the area for another couple of hours, waiting for Ari Graynor’s autograph group. Her’s was at 1PM (finished at 2). I was debating paying but she was really the only person I wanted from that group and I couldn’t afford $30 for her autograph. During the last ten minutes of her session, I stood across from where she was standing holding out my 10 Years poster. She noticed it and started waving at me, smiling. Then she motioned for me to come over but I knew I couldn’t without being stopped by the people working there so I motioned back that I couldn’t and that after she was done was better. She nodded so I went over to the exit. When she finished, she came out, searching the crowd, I quickly ran over with the poster. She asked if I’d seen the film and I said I had gone to one of the Q&A’s and LOVED the film. She was excited that I’d seen it and liked it and graciously signed the poster. We snapped a quick picture, I thanked her again saying I would be taking my friend to see the film later in the day (we did go and she too loved it).

Elisa from Mike The Fanboy with ari graynor at the broadway cares equity fights aids rare

I basically had an incredible day, completing both of my goals with a bonus of Ed Asner!
ari graynor signed autograph 10 years rare promo one sheet movie poster channing tatum

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