Fanboy Fail Fridays! My Worst FAIL EVER! Meeting Michelle Pfeiffer And Being Called A Zombie! YES! A ZOMBIE! DOH!

So, we are starting a bunch of new stuff here at Mike The Fanboy! The first thing that pretty much everyone agreed on was our newest column… Wait for it… Fanboy Fail Friday! So, every Friday will (God Willing) be a new Fanboy Fail!

Personally, I love the idea of taking a negative experience and making it into a cathartic release because you know if you can’t laugh at yourself what’s the point of this hobby. It also takes the sting of the Fail away when you have others sharing your pain and having fun with it!

To launch this column, I decided to share the most painful fail I have ever had. I mean I was devastated when this happened and honestly I’ve been made fun of for this fail for… Oh… about five years.

I couldn’t even listen to the cranberries song “Zombie” for about three of those years, you’ll understand why below.

Back in the day, before I went to premiere’s and larger events I was able to go on one of the lot’s where a certain talk show taped. Now, everyone knew me here, all the security was cool with me, and they even set up an area for fans to wait and I would say 90% of the time you would be able to meet people. I’ m talking Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Beckinsale, Courtney Love, Denzel Washington, and on. Not just coming over to sign, but stopping and talking to people one on one. Needless to say I got a tad jaded. lol…

Back in 2007, one of my top people at the time was making a rare appearance, none other than Ms. Michelle Pfeiffer. I was so stoked. I had this original 1992 Catwoman mini poster I’ve saved since the movie came out. This was needless to say a big deal to me.

Michelle Pfeiffer hot and sexy photo shoot black leather evil eyes rare catwoman frizzy hair

So, the big day came. I was waiting alone with four security guards lol… They all knew me and we were basically just chilling out, I was showing them my poster, and probably acting like a total dorkish fanboy.

Then it happened. Ms. Michelle Pfeiffer sashayed out the door with a pair of black sunglasses on. She was escorted by the head security guard who I also knew, I held up my poster and called out! Ms. Pfeiffer would you mind if I got a quick autograph?

michelle-pfeiffer-dolce-and-gabbana-c-magazine-usa-april-2012-inside hot and sexy in sunglasses rare promo

The security guard escorting her turned and asked her if she would mind signing. Mind you I was only two car lengths away. She looked back at me, pushed down her sunglasses, and said, “He looks like a zombie.” Pushed her glasses back up and flipped her hair while walking away from me.

no zombies allowed rare promo ghostbusters like sticker promo evil zombies michelle pfeiffer hates zombies

The security even was like… “uh… What was that!” I stood there and was like… A Zombie? Did I look like I was fleshy green? Like I wanted to eat her brain? I mean what was the deal?

I was so crushed I refused to watch a Pfeiffer movie for like three years, and yes I include Grease 2 on that list. I know three years without Grease 2… a travesty.

Needless to say, I was made fun of forever. My friends would sing the cranberries song “zombie” to tick me off, or when I referred to Michelle in a derogatory way. Yep, I took my licks.

I can talk about it now because Michelle was so nice to me last year at the New Year’s Eve premiere. Signing the previously rejected Catwoman mini poster and even switching to a silver pen in the midst of the madness for me. She even moved people’s crap from the top of my head so she could look at me.

michelle pfeiffer signing autographs for fans at the dark shadows premiere in hollywood rare

Ironically, I probably looked more like a zombie that day because I was so stunned it was actually happening. LOL…

Also Michelle was awesome during the Dark Shadows premiere.

So, she’s made it up to me which is why I can talk about it now.

Zombie my ass!

But I encourage you to send in your own Fanboy Fails for inclusion in the Friday column. Get it out and share with everyone. That’s part of what this hobby is about!

Until next time kids…

michelle pfeiffer signed autograph catwoman promo poster from Batman returns signed in silver hot sexy rare superhero

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