Fanboy Fail Friday! Mel Gibson In The Mouth Of Madness! 30 people Turn Up For A Hacksaw Ridge Q and A And It’s Pandemonium!

This week none other than Mr. Mel Gibson was out and about and… Well… It was insane.

When I got to the theater where the q and a for Hacksaw Ridge was going to be held, there were about 20 people there. I saw Scotty and Ryan, said hello and we waited.

mel gibson hacksaw ridge q and a dissing fans 3

The security was trying to figure out what to do and when Mel Gibson parked they did a bait and switch, setting it up like he was going in the back so everyone rushed there.

mel gibson hacksaw ridge q and a dissing fans 3

Little did we know that he parked across the street and walked through the front. Doh!

Well, there goes that.

I have to hand it to them, they did a good job of duping everyone.

Inside I guess it was insane with some collectors pushing others down and shoving people to the floor as Mel tried to sign from the stage. Lord.

Then Mel Gibson left through the side and security escorted him across the street as everyone went crazy.

mel gibson hacksaw ridge q and a dissing fans 3

Check out the video below.

Wow… I knew this would be bad, and yes I still went because stranger things have happened these days, but I didn’t expect all of that to commence. Whew!

Needless to say I didn’t get anything but when I saw the autographs he did inside I wasn’t too broken up about it.

Man oh man… What can you do right?

Until next time kids…

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