Fanboy News! Confessions Of An 8th Grade Autograph Forger! NCAA Restricts Camp Fans! Why Do We Pay For Autographs At Cons? And More!

It’s Fanboy News from around the world!

Such a random mix of things today, 8th grade autograph forgers, NCAA restricts fans from camp, and a look at why we pay for autographs!

Check it out below!

NCAA compliance restricting U-M satellite camp autographs/photos

For the first few days of Michigan’s satellite camp tour, Jim Harbaugh engaged the campers at every stop.In Indianapolis, he lined up every player for a personal photo. In Atlanta, he signed autographs and posed for photos for at least 20 minutes once the camp concluded.

Why Do We Pay for Autographs at Cons?

This weekend was Space City Comic Con…an uneven success by the kindest estimates. Me, I had a good time playing father-daughter geek reporter team, though I did manage to get in a few of our typical con activities in between chasing the larger story.

Helen Slater Los Angeles Sci Fi Comic Book Convention meeting fans signing autographs now 1

Fans unhappy over James McCartney’s scribbled CD autographs, recent show

Two James McCartney fans have told Paul McCartney Examiner Friday they are unhappy with the scribbled signatures they received on his new CD. Tom Frangione, one of the regular guests of the “Things We Said Today” radio show and also on “Beatles Brunch,” and Harold Montgomery, both say that McCartney’s signatures were nothing more than scribbles. One was obtained after a show in San Francisco, the other by mail order. You can see a picture of both on this page. “Having enjoyed James McCartney’s previous EP’s, I pre-ordered his new album ‘The Blackberry Train,'” Frangione said. “There was a special UK mail order offer to get a signed copy. Mine arrived today. Here ya go …..”

James Mccarthy signed cd's

Phoenix Comicon Apologises For Heated Lines

It gets hot in Phoenix. On Friday, it reached all the way up to 113 degrees. So the attendees of Phoenix Comicon 2016 were understandably upset when the registration line to enter the convention was moved outside, with people having to wait in that line for hours. We had the chance to see the line (it was huge) and talk to some of the folks who were waiting. Standing in the sun for too long was not the only trouble for most people. There were panels being missed while the line went nowhere. Pre-purchased autographs and photos were going unclaimed as the celebrity booth times came and went. We spoke to more than one person who left, deciding that getting into the convention center was not worth this kind of treatment. On Saturday morning, Convention Director Matt Solberg addressed the issue on Facebook, stating:

NYCC 2015 (29)

How to Get Your ​7/27​ Album Autographed by Fifth Harmony Right Now

Isn’t technology awesome? In an effort to promote their new album, 7/27, Fifth Harmony is hosting an event where they’ll be giving fans virtual autographs, and it’s happening right now! All fans need to do is tweet the group a photo of their copy of the album, then they’ll sign it digitally and tweet back the final result.

fifth harmony performing at the fox fanfront 2013 signing autographs david borenaz (6)

Sons Of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam Apologies To Space City Comic Con Attendees

Bleeding Cool ran an article on the chaos over the Sons On Anarchy cast appearance at Space City Comic Con last weekend that went a tiny bit viral.Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnam has now issued a response to the media furore that followed, addressing attendees of the show.

Space City Comic Con Scam


In the late 1980s, I was like any other 13-year-old boy. I was too shy to talk to girls, I was obsessed with baseball, and I counted the days until my braces would come off. I also happened to be making $500 a month selling fake autographs across the country.

fake true blood autographs on display fake alexander skarsgard autograph smell like an avenger perfume display at wizard world chicago 2012 opening gates sign logo rare promo with norman reedus sheryl lee rare autograph signed hot

Fan earns an autograph from Chris Sale by beating him in rock, paper, scissors

Trying to get a hit off Chris Sale is one of the biggest challenges MLB batters face. Fortunately for one lucky fan, beating Sale at rock, paper, scissors is a lot easier than trying to get a hit off him.

Pusha T’s Excited Reaction To Getting Allen Iverson’s Autograph Is Simply Amazing

Allen Iverson is an icon. This much is undeniable. NBA players past and present and from all corners of the globe emulate and look up to the former Sixers MVP. The Answer’s influence also crosses over to rap, and he gets the same adoration from the guys in that field, as well. For example, Pusha T, and his ecstatic reaction to getting Iverson’s autograph on a 76ers jersey.

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