Fanboy News! Trading Autographs For Home Run Baseball! TIFF Fans Wait In The Rain! Hockey Card Signings! And More!

It’s Fanboy News time!

Some interesting things this week, like Hockey Card signings, trading baseball cards for home run balls, toronto film festival fans waiting in the rain and more!

Check it out below!

Bryce Harper hits 40th homer, trades autograph for milestone ball

Bryce Harper said he will put the history he’s made this season in perspective when the season is over. All season, he has avoided talking about accomplishments after games, praising wins and teammates instead. With his own personal statistics — if not certain umpires, fans, or opponents — Harper has stayed determinedly deferential. So after he hit his 40th home run of the season Wednesday night at Citizens Bank Park, he didn’t really want to talk about it.

bryce harper baseball

Eichel inks autograph signings deal with Dave & Adam’s Card World

Jack Eichel is expected to be a hit in the memorabilia world, as his exclusive deal with Leaf Trading Cards announced earlier this month shows. Now the Sabres’ top pick has entered into another exclusive with a prominent Buffalo area company to be the home of his public autograph signings.

jack Eichel

Video: Roman Reigns Stops Security From Bullying Fans At Autograph Signing

Featured below is a video from a WWE SummerSlam signing in New York City where it appears that a handler at the event tries to rush a group of fans through before they get their autographs and photo-opportunity with Roman Reigns.

Two fans, one autograph – and a completed quest

Scott Modist visited Dolphins practices at Biscayne College as a kid in the early 1970s, watching them work and getting autographs. So when he read my column last week about Dolphins fan Ryan Dunn’s quest to get all the 1972 team’s autographs, and how he was missing just one — cornerback Henry Stuckey’s — Modist pulled out his old autograph books.


Weather doesn’t deter TIFF’s eager autograph-hunters

It’s going to take more than drizzling rain and chilly winds to stop the film fanatics and celeb-spotters frequenting TIFF.
Despite the grey skies, it was still all hustle and bustle on Festival Street – the portion of King St. between Peter St. and University Ave. blocked off for TIFF’s opening weekend.

Niki Lauda signing autographs for fans rush tiff premiere screening chris hemsworth ron howard red carpet (23)

Autographs out, retweets in, Twitter study finds

Have you ever queued up to get an autograph from someone you admire? It can be a pretty dispiriting experience. You come out afterwards realising that you were just on a conveyor belt of imagined personal connection. It’s easy to see, perhaps, why the shine of getting a celebrity to scribble on something has worn off.

Joss Whedon tweet saying he hates autograph dealers

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