Fanboy News! Charlie Hunnam Tells Off Autograph Dealer! Benedict Cumberbatch Makes How Much Off Fans? Autograph Hunters An Endangered Species? And More!

It’s Fanboy News!
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Anyway, some cool stuff this week… Dude, Benedict Cumberbatch makes bank at conventions! Charlie Hunnam tells off Autograph dealers, and more!

Check it out below!

Watch: Phillies’ Rhys Hoskins Has Teammate Asking for His Autograph After Latest Home Run

Rhys Hoskins, who apparently spent the majority of the season while in the minors watching video of Aaron Judge and scoffing, is a Colossus striding the earth right now. On Wednesday night, the Phillies’ rookie first baseman bashed his 18th homer of the year—all of which have come in a mere 34 games since he was called up in August. And his shot off the Marlins’ Vance Worley—part of a seven-run inning for Philadelphia—was an opposite-field shot so impressive that his own teammates were giving him the celebrity treatment.

Autograph hounds an endangered species — but don’t sign them off yet

If you take a peek at Serena Tung’s Instagram account any time over the first few weeks of September, her feed is a sea of famous faces.You’ll find shots of her leaning over a barricade to , grinning as Shia LaBeouf holds up the devil horns beside her, and hamming it up with Jessica Chastain, Armie Hammer, Colin Farrell and sunglasses-adorned Idris Elba.While the celeb spotter and sales worker has met hundreds of stars in her 10 years of attending the Toronto International Film Festival, she’s rarely whipped out a Sharpie and requested an autograph.

sarah hyland selfie Dirty Dancing q and a paley center 9

Autograph auction to raise funds for RCHS library

Authors, politicians, athletes, entertainers and scientists have converged on Rushville – in the form of autographs – to raise money for the RCHS library.The RCHS Library will hold a silent auction on Saturday, Sept. 23 from 7 to 8 p.m.“It’ll also be a grand opening for the new layout/design for the library space,” Librarian Nicki Kirchoff said. “We are in year one of a three-year transition of moving the library into a learning commons.”

‘Ele-monetary, my dear Watson!’ Benedict Cumberbatch CHARGES fans to meet, have a photo with and get an autograph from him… ‘earning him over £240k by attending one fan event’

He plays savvy sleuth Holmes in TV’s Sherlock.
But it seems Benedict Cumberbatch has a cunning way about things when it comes to making money from attending fan events, off screen.
According to The Sun, the 41-year-old could have earned £240,000 at one event in July, over the course of two days, just by posing for pictures with fans and signing autographs.

Benedict Cumberbatch Carice van Houten Benedict Cumberbatch Daniel Bruhl signing autographs for fans Dan Stevens Bill Condon, Stacey Snider, Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Bruhl The Fifth Estate TIFF World Premiere red carpet Benedict cumberbatch

Teenager’s autograph book captures big names of 1950s Australian radio, film

Her autograph book, recently acquired by the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA), includes more than 90 signatures and handwritten comments from the big names of the day.

They include Chips Rafferty, Ruth Cracknell, John Meillon and Muriel Steinbeck.

Charlie Hunnam Tells off Autograph Dealers

From Autograph Hound to Screenwriter, Ray Bradbury Had a Lifelong Love Affair With Hollywood

Until the end of his days, Ray Bradbury kept a stack of weathered autograph books, each roughly the size of a standard-issue banking checkbook. When he moved with his family at the age of 13 to Los Angeles in April 1934, Bradbury immediately began frequenting the old film studios: Paramount, RKO, Columbia and MGM. On his very first sojourn, riding atop steel-wheeled roller skates, he encountered the peerless W.C. Fields, who begrudgingly signed an autograph for the star-crazed teenager and, upon handing back the signature, said, “There you are, you little son of a bitch!”

Digging through drawers, history

I unearthed an autograph book — about 3×6 inches — with a faded brown leather cover. I don’t know how long its been here and I couldn’t connect it to anything else in the drawer where I found it or to any news story. My only clue to who might own it was a small note stuck to the outside:

“Milley’s Autograph Book. JAO’s wife. Need it back.”

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