Fanboy News! In Hot Water For Autopenning Books! J.J. Watt Calls Out Fake Autograph For Charity! Celebrities Share Scary Fan Stories! and More!

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Uh Oh… has been autopenning books! Yikes! J.J. Watt sees a fake autograph on a charity site and offers a real one, celebrities share scary fan encounters and more!

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‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ star Bruce Campbell: ‘I can’t get far enough away from Hollywood’

If there’s one person who refuses to die, it’s chainsaw-wielding Ash Williams — and actor Bruce Campbell wouldn’t have it any other way.The 59-year-old, who first brought the character to life in the low-budget film “Evil Dead” back in 1979, alongside his friends Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, has developed a massive cult following. Campbell is back for a very bloody Season 3 of STARZ’s “Ash vs Evil Dead,” which promises a groovy time for fans who just can’t get enough of the franchise.

J.J. Watt calls out fake autograph for charity, offers replacement

J.J. Watt does it again. He came through for a fan and a charity in a big way.It all started with an autograph – a fake one.Twitter user Shane Albright posted a photo of an autographed football at a charity auction. There are a couple different signatures on there, but Shane focused on Watt’s writing “one time for @jjwatt.”

Watch this young Yankees fan completely lose it after getting Aaron Judge’s autograph

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge has a certain effect on fans. It certainly helps that he gifts them with more in-game souvenirs than just about every other player in the game (obviously, with the exception of his teammate), but there has to be something more than that to inspire fans to don full judicial attire to midsummer baseball games in his honor.

Fanatics inks autograph deal with Giancarlo Stanton

Sports licensing firm Fanatics hit another home run on Wednesday — signing Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton to a multiyear autographs deal, The Post has learned.

Fanatics last year inked a similar deal with Stanton’s new teammate, Aaron Judge, creating the potential for a marketing bonanza featuring two of baseball’s most prodigious home-run hitters.

This Autograph Of President Abraham Lincoln Saved A Boy’s Life

We learned the story of young John Murphy, whose life lay entirely in the hands of President Lincoln, on a recent visit to see a large and important collection of historical documents on the west coast of Florida. The man had collected these documents, which ranged from Gandhi to Brigham Young to Einstein to Jefferson, in the 1960s and 1970s, and now he felt it was time to find them a new home. His autograph collection lined the walls of his home, a beautifully decorated condo overlooking the ocean; his halls resembled a museum, and each piece had been framed and on display for decades. Close to the entryway was a letter of Lincoln to General George Meade, commander of the Union Army. A powerful and beautiful letter relating to John Murphy and mentioning his mother. But who was Murphy? Why was his mother at the White House? And why had Lincoln written this letter? Most importantly, what can this letter teach us about Lincoln the man?

“It’s like a big revolving door.” Why autographs became a ceremonial part of Rockies spring training.

In the chilly early morning approaching 1 a.m. last September, Jon Gray, still wet and shivering from a champagne shower hours before, stopped to sign autographs outside the back-alley gate behind Coors Field.

A crowd had gathered after the Rockies clinched a wild-card playoff berth. Some of them Gray knew as the community of signature-seeking fans who follow the Rockies from spring training to the postseason, from Arizona to Colorado and across the major leagues. Some he didn’t know. All of them huddled to get Gray’s name.

Why do people want autographs anyway?

Taylor Swift once wrote, “I haven’t been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone with a front-facing camera. The only memento ‘kids these days’ want is a selfie”.

I often think about this. My head is full of dumb stuff it calls up randomly for no obvious reason. Here’s a thing – when I think about this, I don’t visualise Taylor Swift, I see in my mind’s eye that old Vodafone advert where David Beckham gets asked for a selfie in a supermarket. See? It’s just wall-to-wall nonsense up there in my brain.

Rose Bryne signing autographs Peter Rabbit Premiere signing autographs 7

‘I broke her nose, but I’ve still got her autograph’: Tonya Harding’s fight for a second chance

“You have to remember that Tonya came from the streets: she didn’t come from a palace. She was in a world where they chipped and they ground and they hollowed her desire to such a point that it would split atoms. And then they expect us to act like civilised human beings. They chewed her up for being from a different income bracket. They created their own monster. And I’m sure if people could go back and change it, they would, but if it wasn’t for that incident in 1994, nobody would know the name Tonya Harding – or Nancy Kerrigan” – Jeff Hargis, boxing trainer Fans Granted Refund After It Emerges ‘Autographed’ Books Were Signed By A Robot

Disappointed fans have been granted refunds, after discovering that autographed copies of his new book were actually signed by a robot.

The rapper and producer recently co-penned ‘WAR: Wizards And Robots’, a young adult novel set in a dystopian future, which was well-received by critics and fans.

Elton John Slams ‘Rude, Disruptive’ Fan Who Caused Him to Walk Off Stage at Las Vegas Concert

It seems like one fan ruined “Saturday Night” for everyone.

Elton John stormed off the stage at his Las Vegas concert at Caesar’s Palace on Thursday after a member of the audience got a bit too handsy during his performance. The singer invited fans onstage while singing “Saturday Night,” but became visibly upset after someone kept touching the piano. After a few warnings, John got up and left in the middle of the song, refusing to return until the crowd was cleared.


Pamela Anderson Recalls The Scary Fan Story To End All Scary Fan Stories

If you’ve ever dreamed of fame and fortune and a celebrity lifestyle, you might change your mind after hearing Pamela Anderson’s close encounter with one seriously obsessed fan.

The former ‘Baywatch’ star revealed one particularly hairy moment with a female fan during an appearance on ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’, airing tonight (3 March) on ITV.

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