Fanboy News! How Meghan Markle’s Signature Has Changed! Dick Cheney Autographs a Waterboard Kit? And More!

There’s always something fun in the world of Fanboy-dom and collecting.

William Shatner jokes Carrie Fisher asked him to sign a slave Leia photo, Dick Cheney signs a Waterboard kit, and more.

Check it out below!


William Shatner is boldly going into grandmaster territory when it comes to sweeping both Star Trek and Star Wars fans up in his smooth social media game. Responding to Twitter fans ahead of his appearance at this weekend’s Boise Wizard World Comic Con, he calmly dropped the mic and walked away after revealing a nugget of sci-fi ephemera that’s left his followers begging for the whole story ever since.

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Pink fan inks on autograph after Adelaide gig

TOUCHED by Pink’s music, Simone Wells had “a moment” with her idol and has the tattoo to prove it.The mum-of-two was among 10,000 fans at the pop superstar’s sold-out Beautiful Trauma concert at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Tuesday night.

A Handwriting Expert Analyzes How Meghan Markle’s Signature Has Changed Since Becoming a Duchess

It doesn’t take a graphologist—someone who studies handwriting—to tell that Meghan Markle’s penmanship has changed big time since she married her prince. Just look at how she signed her name before their May 19th royal wedding and after.

Whether Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Show Turns Out To Be Good Or Bad, One Thing Is Clear: He Asked Dick Cheney To Autograph a Waterboard Kit

Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming Showtime series Who Is America has been so shrouded in secrecy that the network’s ad campaign is about how impossible it is to promote “perhaps the most dangerous show in the history of television” without telling anyone anything about it. That’s probably a question of operational security as much as anything—since his Ali G days, Cohen’s work has depended on tricking unsuspecting guests into sitting down for interviews—but seriously, the trailer is just white text on a black screen:

Teen attacked for wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hat gets signed cap from President

The teen who made national news after having his “Make America Great Again” hat stolen at a San Antonio Whataburger restaurant has now received a ‘replacement’ cap signed by President Donald Trump.

Not Your Average Autograph Collection

We are living in a golden age of both fretting about handwriting and fetishizing it. Polemicists lament that cursive is going the way of the dodo. Meanwhile, old-school devotees of pen and paper post their work on social media with hashtags like #snailmail and #penpal.“The Magic of Handwriting,” an exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York, might seem at first glance to be part of this nostalgia. Instead, it simply luxuriates in the humble, intimate and sometimes very messy traces that some of the great figures of history have left behind.

Ezekiel Elliott annoyed a bunch of fans Saturday afternoon in Fort Worth

Ezekiel Elliott’s stiff arm is in mid-season form.At least for some fans on Saturday afternoon.The Dallas Cowboys’ running back was at the Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall signing autographs as part of the National Fantasy Football Convention.

Hilarious moment just one fan wanted Olivier Giroud’s autograph upon France’s arrival in Moscow

POOR Olivier Giroud has spent the whole World Cup working tirelessly as a foil for Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe yet only ONE France fan wants his autograph.The Chelsea striker was dropped for the opening game against Australia but he helped his side snatch a late win during his 20-minute cameo.


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