Fanboy News! Tom Brady Signs! Manchester United Bans Players From Signing At Practice! John Travolta! Bubba Wallace! And More!

Fanboy News!

So much interesting stuff this week. John Travolta’s new movie opens, Manchester United Bans players from Signing at training and more!

Patriots Fans Mob Tom Brady for Autographs at Training Camp

New England Patriots fans who attended the team’s recent training camp practice earned a big treat. After practice, star quarterback Tom Brady came to the stands and started signing autographs. When it comes to players signing autographs at camp, it’s fairly common. However, because of Brady’s status in the NFL, getting his autograph is not easy which is why fans began to rush him as soon as he started signing.

Manchester United ban players from signing autographs at training ground entrance amid safety fears

A large sign has been erected near the rear entrance to their Carrington base telling supporters that players are no longer permitted to stop in their cars due to “danger on the road”.

AT LARGE: Whose autograph is it? Why Do I Want It? Part 2

Two weeks ago we talked about Geronimo, the first paid autograph signer, and Babe Ruth, the legendary baseball player who signed loads of them and, likely, never made a dime for his efforts. We also talked about how a late ’90s FBI investigation suggested that as many as 75 percent of the sports and celebrity autographs in the marketplace are forgeries. That notion translates in to theft at the highest level.

Bubba Wallace gets Richard Petty autograph tattoo after Twitter bet

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace had legend Richard Petty come up and autograph his arm at a recent race. After being signed by “The King,” Wallace tweeted that he’d get Petty’s signature tattooed on his body if the tweet was retweeted 43,000 times.

Antonio Brown brings young fan to tears during pregame autograph session

Antonio Brown, despite the negative press he has received over the past year, is still one of the NFL’s most popular players. Brown is particularly popular with young Raider fans who are excited to have one of the league’s best players on their team.

Vermonter replays Woodstock, one autograph at a time

But that didn’t stop Evans’ parents from driving to Canada that weekend for their own getaway, only to find themselves surrounded by concertgoers when they stopped for gas in upstate New York. Pulling up beside a Volkswagen bus out of fuel and funds, the couple gave one of the long-haired riders $5 — and received the program in return.

Watch: Young fan humorously tries to make off with Jimmy Garoppolo’s helmet

The San Francisco 49ers shared a video on Twitter that showed Garoppolo approaching the sidelines of a practice field to sign an autograph. Garoppolo was carrying his helmet and gave it to the youngster to hold while he signed the fan’s hat. The young fan seemed to think the helmet had been given to him, leaving Garoppolo having to ask for it back.

A Trump pastime: Sending autographed briefing cards to members of Congress

World leaders aren’t the only politicians who’ve been startled by President Trump’s pen-pal diplomacy. Members of Congress, including at least 1 Democratic senator, have received unusual Sharpie-scrawled notes and even autographs from Trump.What we’re hearing: Early in Trump’s presidency, Marc Short’s Office of Legislative Affairs would produce pocket-sized briefing cards on senators or congressmen that Trump was going to be meeting at the White House or on Air Force One.

Donald Trump signing autographs 2016 presidential primary 1

WATCH: John Travolta Talks New Movie ‘The Fanatic,’ Social Media’s Impact On Celebrities, More

The one and only John Travolta stopped by CBS3 on Friday to promote his new movie “The Fanatic.” In the movie, Travolta plays “Moose,” a super fan of his favorite action hero Hunter Dunbar who desperately just wants to meet him and get his autograph.

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