Fanboy News! Josh Homme Sued For Assaulting Autograph Collector! Selfie Stabbing Victim! Ed Sheeran Breaks Down Crying After Meeting Fan! Tom Brady Jersey Thief Found! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Some fun things this week… and not so fun.

Josh Homme is being sued by a former fan, Ed Sheeran breaks down crying, and more!

Check it out below!

Josh Homme Sued for Alleged Assault of Autograph Collector

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme allegedly assaulted an autograph collector after an Iggy Pop show last year in Detroit, according to a lawsuit the collector filed Monday. As Alternative Nation points out, the lawsuit alleges that Homme “said something to the effect of—I am not signing autographs for you blood sucking eBayers, I am tired of you making money off me but I will take photos with you.” The plaintiff, Jason Leckrone, a school teacher who collects autographs as a hobby, claims Homme began swearing at him while posing for photos, then threatened to punch him in the face after briefly disappearing into a party. He then “intentionally and physically grabbed plaintiff around the shoulder area,” according to Leckrone’s lawsuit.

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Stabbing victim was autograph hound who loved celebrities

The man who was fatally stabbed in Midtown on Monday night was a self-proclaimed “autograph collector” who enjoyed posting his many celebrity conquests online.Timothy Caughman’s Twitter account is filled with photos of him standing next to celebrities like Wyclef Jean, Maria Menounos and Michael K. Williams.

Tennis legend Roger Federer hits bum note as he signs autograph for fan… who looks like she’s forgotten her underwear

And the angle of these photos give the impression she may have forgotten to dress on her bottom half. However, judging by the string bikini around her neck, it was more than likely a G-string type bikini.

Patrick Mahomes Puts His Stardom Aside for Impromptu Autograph Session at Applebee’s

It’s no secret that Texas Tech has been gifted with many talented quarterbacks for the past few years since Mike Leach was head coach. It definitely goes without saying that Patrick Mahomes is been one of the most talented quarterbacks of them all. But to be so down-to-earth as to take time during dinner to snap pictures and sign autographs? Now that’s rare.

Alleged Tom Brady jersey thief reportedly had Kurt Warner autograph his own Super Bowl jersey

We already knew, from video surveillance footage, that credentialed reporter Ortega walked into the New England Patriots locker room after Super Bowl LI like he belonged (he didn’t, the media wasn’t allowed in yet), allegedly took Tom Brady’s jersey despite the presence of Patriots players and team and league officials, then walked out. When Brady’s jersey was recovered, so too was a helmet that apparently was worn by Denver Von Miller in Super Bowl 50 and Brady’s Super Bowl XLIX jersey.

Are selfies a right of passage for fans?

Life&Style writer Hannah Strong discusses why she agrees with Emma Watson’s decision to decline selfies with fans

Emma Watson is no stranger to the public eye. The actress has been in and out of the spotlight since she was 10 and scored the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. Known for her dedication to social justice, particularly feminism, Emma Watson has continued to make a name for herself, sometimes causing controversy. The latest controversy, however, comes from her statement in Vanity Fair that she refuses to take selfies with fans.

Ed Sheeran breaks down after meeting a young girl who wants to sing with him

The singer met Peaches, a 12-year-old girl who wanted to be a musician when she grew up, during his visit to the country.

Cate Blanchett signs autographs on last day of Broadway show

Cate Blanchett Greets Fans on her last day of her Broadway Show. Cate finished her three month run in “The Present” today.

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