Fanboy News! Fanfest! Kobe Bryant Fan Stories and Fake Memorabilia Flooding The Market! OJ’s Secret Autograph Signings! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Some crazy things this week, lots of awesome Kobe Bryant stories which is awesome and lots of Kobe Bryant fake memorabilia which sucks. Donald Trump’s insanity, OJ and More!

What Did Mets Fans Really Think of Fan Fest?

Almost every fan I spoke to was in agreement that the access to the players was the best part of the event. Having the players just walking around, with the ability to simply go up to them and chat with them, made all the difference. No autographs were allowed at these times (which was made known before the event) but photographs were welcomed, and if you were on Twitter at all on Saturday, it was nearly impossible to scroll down your feed without seeing a photo of a fan and a player. It was a level of accessibility to the players that some fans never get the chance to experience.

Fans wait overnight, rush for Oilers autographs at mall

West Edmonton Mall was full of Oilers team spirit Monday as fans waited day and night for a chance to get autographs from their favourite players following an open practice at the Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace.

Fake Kobe Bryant memorabilia flooding the market

As people all over the world continue to mourn the passing of Kobe Bryant, scammers are trying to capitalize on his death.Counterfeit Kobe signatures are popping up all over the internet as emotional fans try to get a piece of memorabilia from his playing days.

A Young Kobe Bryant Once Tracked Down Family to Give Them Autographs After They Didn’t Have Paper

A young Kobe Bryant, fresh off inking a rookie contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, went out of his way to make sure a family received a memento during their chance meeting at a California shopping center.Bryant joined the Lakers right out of high school in 1996, and while he was popular at the time, he was far removed from the fame he would experience over the next two decades as a five-time champion and NBA MVP.

After canceled flight, Ben Zobrist drives over 350 miles to make autograph event in rural Illinois

While some athletes may cancel a scheduled appearance due to flight problems, Ben Zobrist hopped in his car to make it to a central Illinois sports shop.Scheduled to fly in Friday for a Saturday appearance at Bricks and Ivy Sports in Hoopeston, bad weather throughout the Midwest caused Zobrists’ flight out of Nashville to be canceled.


*O.J. Simpson is reportedly secretly selling autographed memorabilia, but he refuses to sign items related to his murdered ex-wife.

Page Six writes, “Simpson is caught in something of a commercial Catch-22: Charging money to sign collectibles is one of the few ways he’s able to make cash, but he doesn’t want his creditors — including Nicole Brown’s family — knowing how much memorabilia he’s scribbling on, or what he’s raking in from it.

The outlet added, “So, we’re told, the disgraced 72-year-old former NFL star has started signing memorabilia on the sly.”


NFL star Carlos Dunlap just copped a real-deal, sick Kobe Bryant autograph — and he’s STOKED about it — but he tells TMZ Sports guys who are pushing fakes need to knock that crap off.”You’re better than that,” the Cincinnati Bengals Pro Bowler said. “Do better.”

Are Restrictive Autograph Policies Ruining The MLB Team Fan Fest Experience?

With spring training right around the corner, Major League Baseball teams are rallying their supporters by holding fan fests as the season approaches. These events include interactive experiences which include clinics, Q&A sessions, batting practice, photo stations and autograph signings.

Jack Nicholson asking a 19-year-old Kobe Bryant for his autograph is the only Kobe video you need today

Where to even begin? If you’re a sports fan, you’re hurting today. Period. Even if you haven’t watched an NBA game in years. Even if you think Magic is the greatest Laker. Even if you root for the damn Celtics. That’s just the effect Kobe Bryant had on sports. The dude was universal. He was a language everyone spoke. He was swagger and grit at the same time. He was unblinking determination and laid-back cool all at once. Everyone was on a first name basis with Kobe, and now, in the most heartbreaking, surreal fashion imaginable unimaginable, he’s gone.

Donald Trump’s autograph is a hot commodity on eBay. Just ask him

How much is Donald Trump’s autograph worth? Quite a lot, if you ask him.Before a White House signing of the partial trade deal with China, Trump bantered with business leaders. When he got to eBay’s interim CEO Scott Schenkel, Trump claimed he saw a pair of sneakers with his autograph listed on the online marketplace for $5,000.

Donald Trump Signed autograph photo

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