Fanboy News! Stan Lee Drops Out Of Big Apple Comic Con! Seth Rollins Blasts Airport Autographers! The Miz’s Gets Tricked With Fake Randy Savage Autograph! And More!

Wow, so much interesting news! Seth Rollins blasts airport autograph seekers, sending prayers to Stan Lee as he drops out of Big Apple Comic Con over undisclosed health issues, and more!

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WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Has Something To Say To Autograph Hounds

WWE Superstars are on the road constantly, up to 300 days a year. It is a brutal schedule both mentally and physically, and many have promotional appearances throughout the week and weekends around events where they are more than happy to pose for a picture or sign an autograph. For some people, that is not enough. WWE Superstar Seth Rollins took to Twitter today to address those people directly:


When it comes to entertainment, there was a time when Buffy the Vampire Slayer trading cards ruled the hobby. The iconic comedy-horror struck an honest nerve. Despite its weekly onslaught of suave vampires, ghoulish monsters and other Hellmouth denizens, Buffy felt more real than just about anything on TV at the time.That realness translated into a wildly popular line of cards that remains strong today. Inkworks introduced the show to North American collectors. Debuting their Season 1 set in 1998, it remains a benchmark release.But the non-sport hobby was in a different place then. But that didn’t stop the show from creating many popular and valuable cards.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer heroes and villians con reunion 1

The grand prix: Where to be for a selfie, autograph, social time or pit lane experience

The Renault Torque Club “is a beautiful facility with deejay, all-day grazing men and beer and wine; it’s right beside The Paddock Club but it’s more like an outdoor garden, and very, very social with a French Riviera theme,” says GP’s Corina Black.

Isaiah Thomas has hilarious response for autograph seeker
You can’t blame Isaiah Thomas for keeping it real.Thomas was in Oakland on Wednesday night for a game between his Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors and apparently had an autograph request. The Celtics star had a funny response, according to ESPN’s Ethan Strauss.

The Miz’s dad once tricked him with a fake Randy Savage autograph

The Miz is the latest WWE star to have his parents profiled on the WWE YouTube series “My son/daughter is a WWE Superstar,” and during the video he opens up about a horrible trick his father played on him when he was an 8-year-old.

The EyeCon Experience

Within the last decade, celebrity autograph conventions have become one of the most popular events for dedicated fans, of beloved TV series and movies everywhere. While most conventions focus on just one series or movie, for the last decade a certain convention has focused on taking the worlds favorite shows and bringing them to life. That convention, is EyeCon, “an interactive celebrity convention featuring the most contact with your favorite celebrities!” We had the chance to interview Autumn Dawn, who works with EyeCon, in order to get a closer look as to what makes EyeCon different, how the conventions came to be, and what the future holds for one of the worlds biggest celebrity autograph conventions.

Have a Look Inside AMC’s Perfect Replica of Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos at SXSW

When it comes to experiential marketing, there’s one place where brands shine—the not-so-little-anymore brand-a-palooza called South by Southwest. And AMC’s Better Call Saul activation is one of the best, most detail-oriented conceptual executions you’ll find.

Marvel Comics supremo Stan Lee pulls out of Big Apple Comic-Con due to “health reasons”

Comic book superstar Stan Lee has had to pull out of one of the industry’s biggest conventions due to ill health.

The New York edition of Comic-Con was due to play host to the 94-year-old legend this weekend, where he would have been lending his beloved expertise to Q&A panels – and presumably signing autographs aplenty.

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