Funko Funday! Jordan Says, “What up, my glip-glops?” After Meeting Justin Rolland From Rick and Morty! Autographed Funko Pop Goodness!

One of the funniest animation shows on television today in my opinion, is Rick and Morty!!!!

If you haven’t seen the show you might think it’s a little odd and weird. It has a lot R rated content and makes me laugh a lot.

It’s a top notch voice cast and I’m super excited to watch season 4. I was lucky enough to finally meet Justin Roiland who voices Rick and Morty he’s a superb voice actor!

I was in line with Mike and Susan for some Fox animation signing and Justin Roiland was there promoting his new show that comes out in the fall. And he was sooo cool enough to talk about Rick and Morty along with signing my funko!

Justin Rolland Signed Autograph funko pop Rick and Morty 0000

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