Funko Funday! Jordan Enters The Oasis After Meeting Parzival! AKA Tye Sheridan! Autographs! And More!

Have you ever entered the OASIS? If, not I think it is time to take a journey into the OASIS with Parzival.

I had the opportunity to meet Tye Sheridan when he was in town to receive an award for up and coming star. He was super cool and accommodating and it seemed like he was super interacting with his fans. Being a fan of him in Ready Player One made the whole experience better meeting the main star of the movie.

Tye is a star in the making he had a badass role in Ready Player One and it was a super nerdy ass movie that I liked, but not totally loved.

The OASIS is like a dream come true fantasy world for video gamer out their in the world and just finding some love interest while playing is super awesome. I am super excited to see Tye in the upcoming X-Men Dark Phoenix movie, I am totally a fan of him playing Cyclops. I cant wait to see what other movies Tye is going to make in the future.

What is your favorite X-Men movie and who is your favorite X-Men superhero???

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