Gambling Movies: How Cinema and Casinos Go Hand in Hand! From The Hangover to Casino Royale!

Gambling and movies have a very special relationship since the beginning. People, who don’t even know how to play poker, can fill the thrill when the game is being played on the silver screen. The depiction of casinos and gambling games in the films has a special kind of love for players. Well, now players have online casinos where they can play casino games like slots and poker and get bonuses like free spins no deposit Australia, but still, watching casino movies is very thrilling. Here are some of the most popular casino movies.


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James Bond films series has shown gambling many times, but in this movie, it is totally on a different level. Daniel Craig plays James Bond for the first time in the series which displays the world of class, high stakes, and table games. Bond’s mission is to stop the antagonist who is the boss of many mafia organizations. In the film, Bond and Le Chiffre play a game of Texas Hold’em with very high stakes. The game is played at a casino in Montenegro

Of course, the film continues the tradition of the James Bond series. It focuses on atmosphere and offers interesting insights into the world of money laundering. Casino Royale is now a classic of the genre.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Another cult film based on the world of gambling where Johnny Depp plays the role of Journalist. The film shows many sides of the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas. Here, the character of Johnny Depp and his lawyer go on a road trip to Sin City from LA. Hunter (Depp’s character) writes about sports and uses drugs. He spends lots of cash on drugs and has an adventure with gamblers, dealers, and police.

In this film, Las Vegas is not a glittering world, but rather a dangerous place and the antithesis of the American dream.


Another classic from Martin Scorsese shows the gambling world in Las Vegas. Robert De Niro plays the role of a retired gangster who is now working as a manager (appointed by the mafia) of a casino in Sin City. The things start to change when one of his old friends pays him a visit. His friend wants to cause a stir in the city while Niro’s character wants to do his duties as a manager as well as possible.  A classic story of rising and fall, the lure of quick money and mafia-like structures that have always shaped the USA.

The Gambler LA Premiere red carpet mark wahlberg 9

The Gambler

Mark Wahlberg plays the role of a professor of English literature who is addicted to games and loves high stakes. After losing to dangerous criminals at blackjack, he owes them a lot of money. The professor is dreadfully seeking a way out to get away with life. This film shows the dark side of the gambling world and gambling addiction. You can see an addiction destroy a life. The real dark sides of the casino world and the great script make this film worth seeing.


Most of the casino films are about casino players but this film shows you the gambling world through the eyes of a croupier. Clive Own plays the role of an aspiring author Jack Manfred who is broke so he becomes a croupier at a casino. He gets inspiration for his new book from his work, but he immerses himself in the dark world. It’s about the dark side of small casinos, which has little to do with the glamorous Hollywood image that is so often tarnished.

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