GLOW Season 2 Q and A with Reception! Meeting Alison Brie! Kate Nash! Sunita Mani! Britt Baron! And More!

As I’m sure you’ve all guessed by now, GLOW is one of my favorite comedies. It’s quite simply one of the best ensembles on television today.

Now, this event was a screening with a q and a with actors Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Britt Baron, Kate Nash, Shakira Barrera, Sunita Mani, Ellen Wong and stunt coordinator Shauna Duggins.

The q and a with the cast of GLOW is always great. I was super excited to see Kate Nash, who is one of my favorite singers as well as Sunita Mani who I’ve never met. In fact, she finishes my season one cast poster. Woo to the hoo.

The q and a was fun, it felt short which is always a good sign. All the actors had a chance to talk which was nice.

At the end sadly, Betty said she could not come to the reception because of her early call time.

The rest of the cast all arrived and were super nice.

I got to fan out over Kate Nash a little bit which was fun. She signed my CD single and my season two poster as well. Her debut CD got me through two breakups!

Kate Nash with fans signing autographs

We even did a fun rock and roll photo!

Kate Nash with fans signing autographs

Sunita Mani was also very sweet, we talked about Mr. Robot a little bit and her short time on that series. She signed both of my posters which was cool.

Sunita Mani with fans signing autographs

Then Britt Baron was very nice as well.

britt baron with fans signing autographs

Such a nice cast.

Alison Brie is always super sweet. She signed my Funko reaction figure set so that was cool.

It was a super fun evening and a fun reception.

Until Next time kids…

GLOW season 1 promo poster signed autograph Alison Brie Betty Gilpin Kate Nash

GLOW season 2 promo poster signed autograph Alison Brie Betty Gilpin Kate Nash

Alison Brie signed autograph GLOW Funko reaction figure set

Kate Nash signed autograph Foundations CD Single

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