Big Mike Heads Out To The Hatchet 3 Premiere! Meeting Horror Legends Derek Mears! Kane Hodder! Zach Galligan! And Tons More! Autographs! And… Well… Hatchets!

I love horror fans! I’ll tell you, they are so passionate and so supportive! It’s amazing! Big Mike headed out to the Hatchet 3 premiere and got some amazing photos!

Literally, there are just some events that are totally awesome and it makes you remember why you’re a fanboy!

Check out the full recap from Big Mike after the jump!



What’s up, horror fans? “Big Mike” here with a recap of the “Hatchet III” premiere that was held at the famed Egyptian Theatre in the pristinely clean and respectable Hollywood, CA.

I had the pleasure of actually attending the premiere at the very last minute when I had only gone to try and grab a couple of autos from two of the last three “Jasons” from the “Friday the 13th” series, Kane Hodder and Derek Mears. “Hatchet 3” is the final installment in the trilogy created by horror ingénue Adam Green of FearNet channel’s “Holliston”. These “Hatchet” flicks are a fun romp for horror fans who get horror. They’re very heavy on the gore and have a lot of comedy pumped in. If you’re squeamish, than stick with the PG-13 crap.

This series has had some great cast members along the way for horror fans. Robert Englund of the “Nightmare On Elm Street” series, Tony Todd of “Candyman” fame Kane Hodder, who was Jason in four “Friday the 13ths” plays Victor Crowley, a disfigured maniacal ghost bent on revenge of whomever invades his swamp territory while he searches for his long lost father. That’s pretty much the plotline from all three, but they’ve been very entertaining.

In the first two you’ve gotten to see “Jason” kill Freddy Krueger, the Candyman, and now in part 3, maybe even see two “Jasons” go at each other. (Check it out on VOD.) This third installment brings a couple of folks from the 80s back into the leading role spotlight along with the gorgeous lil’ Danielle Harris. Zach Galligan, who played Billy from the “Gremlins” flicks and Caroline Williams from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” grace us with their kick-ass performances. Now the horror community is extremely close and supportive of itself, and that was very prevalent at this premiere. You can meet some of the nicest folks in the industry in the “horror wing”, as I like to call it.

Adam Green had tweeted and Derek Mears re-tweeted (which is how I found out aboot the event) that the first 100 “Hatchet” fans to line up at the premiere would be invited in to see the movie. I had this “Jason” figure that I had wanted Kane Hodder to sign for about the last two years and I didn’t want to take it inside a premiere to try and get signed for a small myriad or reasons. It’s almost never allowed, and frowned upon at the large-scale events. Plus, I had never gotten an autograph inside the Egyptian Theatre before and didn’t want to lose the opportunity, so I decided I would skip the line and try and get the actors on the way in with a small chance of hope on getting in the line. For whatever reason, I didn’t leave work as early as I could’ve with my boss away. (I love when he’s away, my autograph stats always go up.)

I wanted to get to the premiere at least a half hour before I thought it would start and by the time I found parking I was running behind. To top it off, as I was grabbing my Jason figure outta the back of my car I bumped it on something and the plastic shell separated from the cardboard backing. WTF? Really? This damn thing was stored safely in a bin in my closet for two years and a simple bump separates it just like that? It was a clean separation at least. I figured I could glue it together and just need to worry aboot getting it signed at this point.

I decided to weather on and get my ass to the event. I had my figure, my Jason mask that I wanted Derek Mears on and my sudden realization that I didn’t bring my 2009 “Friday the 13th” DVD that I wanted Mears on. That’s great. I’ve been getting very forgetful lately. I didn’t even have anything for Zach Galligan to sign and I loved those “Gremlins” movies. Those little green fuckers could party!

Nevertheless, I finally arrived at the premiere after passing a section of the line of fans in the standby line. It looked pretty manageable at this point and there was a shot I would get in, but that was on the back burner for now. This was my first premiere at the Egyptian and since this was an independent feature, a lot more at ease than the over-budget ones that take place a couple blocks away at Mann’s Chinese and the El Capitan. This was the way I liked it. The attendees would either be dropped off at the curb and you could ask them for a picture or auto before they got to the premiere entrance, or they just simply parked their own cars and walked down the street like a regular human being. Weird. After standing around and talking with a couple of the dealers, I noticed I had missed Derek Mears, as he was already walking the blood red carpet and doing interviews. Crap! That meant I’d have to wait around and try and get him on the way out, if he comes out the front. That’s always a fun game to play.

My dealer bud told me I was twenty minutes too late for Mears. He had “racked” when he arrived and everything. I believe it. Mears is known for being awesome to his fans. I had met him twice before but never had anything for him to sign, but he was really cool to talk to and very appreciative of his good fortune. Bummer for me. I also missed Zach coming in, but since I didn’t bring anything for him anyway I was only slightly bummed. Tyler Mane from Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” mistake, I mean remake, showed up and I wish I had my “X-Men” DVD since he played Sabertooth. Bummer.

You never know whose going to show up at these things. It also helps to read the cast-list of who is in the movie, although Mane wasn’t in this particular flick. That is one tall dude. Caroline Williams was next to pull up. I would’ve had my “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” DVD with me had I done my homework. I was a little bummed aboot that one. The first thing she did when she got out of the car was head over to a group of fans with a sign asking her for a picture. She took pics and signed autograph for folks before being whisked into the premiere by the staff. Next up was Danielle Harris wearing a nice little tight dress and she looked amazing. She was immediately swarmed by the dealers and tried to act her nicest despite knowing everything she was signing for them was going to be for sale soon after. Some “Hatchet III” mini posters were handed out to the fans and some of the dealers and were being happily signed by cast members in attendance. I wish I could’ve gotten my grubby paws on one of those babies. I think it was around that time where I saw Kane Hodder approaching with his family and I simply walked over and kindly asked if he would sign my figure. (Normally you don’t mess with celebs when they’re with family, but this was a premiere.) I doubt he normally gets a separated shell from the card to sign but I explained what happened and asked if he would sign the card too and, as I expected, he had no problem whatsoever. He’s one of the kindest in the business. Most of the people at this premiere sell their autographs at conventions but were more than happy to sign away for everyone who wanted one. I love when that happens.

I don’t usually make events like that and the one I do make it to is the one where I have next to nothing to get signed. But I digress. I finally got that figure signed after a two-year wait and if I know me, I’m going to want to try and get a new figure to try and get signed eventually. I think it’s an illness, but it’s a cool one at least. After mulling aboot for a few minutes I received a text from my honey saying she was off to a movie with her friend, which meant I could now get in the line of fans to see the movie. Before I could even make it the whole way into the line the fine folks that put this event on started handing out more mini posters and t-shirts to the fans. I was finally a full-fledged member of the Hatchet Army. Sweet.

After about a twenty minute wait the staff came over to us and told us to stop at the bar and buffet and help ourselves if we wanted before heading inside the theater. “Well, that’s a first.” Could this premiere get any more laid back? Apparently, yes. The dealers that were standing on the sidewalk outside the event were allowed to come into the foyer area I decided to go on inside in case I bumped into Derek Mears and get him to sign my Jason mask that already had Kane Hodder on it from a cast appearance a couple of years ago. (Right before I bought the figure that would detach from the card at this event. Ah, timing.) Sure enough, there was Mears talking to someone just outside the men’s room. I prepared my mask and checked to see if anyone was watching and the coast was clear. He finished talking to whomever and started making his way into the auditorium. I approached him and asked how he was doing and he exclaimed how happy and excited he was to be there and for some reason I didn’t ask him to sign my mask. I wussed out. I don’t know why. It was a puzzling feeling that followed me all the way to my seat in the balcony. It was also puzzling as to why I didn’t grab something to eat. I felt safe leaving my stuff in the chair and made my way down to the buffet and got the last remaining grub that was left. I skipped the bar because I didn’t have any cash to tip and I always feel like everyone is watching when you can’t tip anything. (No one likes a cheapskate!)

I gobbled up my meal and headed back to my seat. I was looking forward to an evening of gory fun. A couple of producers and Adam Green introduced the flick and gave a heartfelt thanks to everyone and the bodycount was on! It was high and bloody. It did not disappoint. It was a nice little escape for a horror fan. The haunted house and possessed kid movies that come out every five months have been getting pretty stale lately. With the end of the movie approaching, I gathered my stuff and was ready to sprint downstairs. The cast was seated directly under the balcony so I didn’t know if anyone had left. That is usually what happens at a premiere. Not so at this one. As the credits rolled I hastily made my way down when I heard someone from the audience shout “Q & A after the credits!” Well, that changes things. I backtracked and planted my ass right back into my seat and watched a nice large group of cast members line up below the screen.

Hatchet 3 movie premiere rare promo cast q and a derek mears zach galligan signing autographs Derek mears signing autographs for fans fan photo hatchet 3 movie premiere rare promo jason

There was my boy, Derek. Cool. I would just wait for him to exit the auditorium after the Q & A and all would be right with the world. The moderator dude did a nice job with the cast and kept the questions interesting. Zach Galligan decided to take the part based on the director’s honesty on how hellish the shoot was going to be being that it was going to actually be filmed in a swamp in Louisiana. (Or Georgia. I don’t know, some wet, ho and humid bug infested hell.) It was great to see Zach on the big screen again. He looks great and I hope we get to see him some more. The same goes for the rest of the cast. They were all very nice, super cool, and looked damn good. Awesome move by Adam Green to invite the fans to the event. Once the Q & A was over it I made my down to the lobby. The dealers were hovering outside the doors like coyotes and a couple of them started to make their way inside.

A few of the cast members made their way out of the auditorium and were happy to sign my mini poster that I decided to get signed. Why the hell not? Most of the cast were in attendance. By that time it was me competing with the dealers for the closer spot to the auditorium doors. Caroline Williams made her way out but was on her cell so I waited patiently and I’m glad I did. She was extremely gracious and we had a nice quick conversation after she signed my poster. She signed for a nice lot of folks before having to take off because her car was waiting. She was a class act. It turns out that she signed for everyone that wanted one outside and kept that car waiting. Bless her.

Somehow Danielle Harris got by me but was getting horded by the dealers before she made her way into the ladies room. I think that was more to get the hell away from those douches than anything. I decided to wait by the exit and see if she’d sign for me on the way out. She exited a couple of minutes later and I was one of the last to get her. She was happy to sign my one poster and I think she knew I was a fan. Only having one item helps! The dealers made their way back to her but she was done with them and only signed for a couple more people before leaving. Kewl. I got Adam Green as he was leaving and he thanked us fans for coming out. What a nice dude. Most of the theater had emptied except for a handful of folks still in the auditorium. I went up to the door and noticed that the dealers had made their way in there and were hitting up everyone with no problems whatsoever. I decided, what the hell? I walked down the aisle right into Sid Haig and he couldn’t have been more awesome. I’ve been a fan of his for a while and was slightly intimidated, as I couldn’t get more than one sentence out. At least he got the gist of what I was trying to say and was cool with me. Kane Hodder must’ve gone out one of the side doors. He and another cast member were nowhere to be seen and you can’t miss Kane. Bummer. I’ll have to try and get him on my mini poster another time. Derek and Zach were still there and I made my way down to them.

Derek was way more than happy to sign my mask and poster. He was even kind enough to take a pic with me. (It came out blurry. Booo.) I didn’t check it because I was excited to get him on my mask and didn’t want to miss Zach G while he was still there. Derek mentioned to us that we could catch him perform at the Comedy Sportz LA Theatre and I highly recommend you do. (I’ve gotten him there since after a hilarious improv performance.)

Derek mears signing autographs for fans fan photo hatchet 3 movie premiere rare promo jason

Next up was Zach Galligan. He was such a nice boy in that “Gremlins” movie all those years ago, and here he was as a nice man. He happily signed my poster and took a picture with me. (That one came out!) I was thrilled. So cool to meet an 80s icon.

Zach Galligan now 2013 fan photo signing autographs with fans hatchet 3 movie premiere rare

The last guy I got was the director of “Hatchet III” and he was very nice to talk to him. I joked that the movie could’ve used more nudity, like most Disney movies, and he said he was taking a lot of flack for that in an endearing way. Hey, you can never have too much nudity in a flick. Don’t worry ladies, you’ll be too busy with the bodycount to notice the lack of goody bags, but it’s all good! What an evening! I got to meet a bunch of cool actors and actresses, get some autographs, see a movie, and had a hell of an awesome evening. Thanks “Hatchet III” folks. You guys kick ass. Thanks for reading. I’m out.

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