Suddenly Susan Phones Home After Meeting Her Childhood Crush, Henry Thomas! Selfie Goodness!

This month I went to Monsterpalooza with Mike the Fanboy and Scotty the Music Man. While they waited endlessly for Pee Wee Herman, I headed straight to the table of one of my biggest childhood crushes, Henry Thomas!! Back in the day I had Henry fever and I had it bad. I was also totally obsessed with the movie E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. I mean, most people were, but I owned every piece of E.T. related merchandise ever made. I even asked for a red hooded sweatshirt for Christmas because, well you know Elliott wore one famously in the movie.

Henry’s table had a steady flow of traffic, but I didn’t have to wait too long. When it was my turn, I told him how excited I was to finally meet him and that he was my childhood crush. He laughed at that – a deep belly for real laugh – so you know he’s humble a guy and was totally flattered. I told him that as a kid I asked my Mom for a Dungeons and Dragons board game because I had read in a magazine that he loved to play. He thought that was sweet. We snapped a few pics and he shook my hand and said it was so nice to meet me.

It took 37 years, but I finally met Henry Thomas – the love of my 12 year old self’s life. It’s a cute pic and Henry looks great. I’ll definitely need to phone home about this encounter!

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  1. Avatar Janet T. April 29, 2019
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