Homecoming Premiere! Getting Julia Roberts By The Skin Of My Teeth! Also Dermot Mulroney! Shea Whigham! And More!

It’s a wonderful night on the streets of La La Land.

While I hate doing movie or television premiere’s anymore there are a few people one has to try for.

Yesterday was the Homecoming premiere, the new Amazon series with Julia Roberts and well it’s Julia Roberts so I had to try.

The crowd wasn’t too bad and Scotty was on the scene and so I joined him.

After moving a bit we settled in, and talked about the comedic genius of Shelley Long and how I wish I didn’t have to leave the house. You know the usual.

Arrivals started with a few randoms from the show including Shea Whigham…

Them Dermot Mulroney arrived and was super nice.

I had My Best Friend’s Wedding with me, so he signed that.

Then about 15 minutes later Julia Roberts arrived. She came over and madness ensued. I was clobbered with boards but managed to get my Notting Hill poster signed which made me really happy.

Julia must have signed about 20 on our side. and then she wen to the other barricade and signed more. I ran over but couldn’t get anything.


Still, I got my poster signed so I was happy. Julia isn’t out much and I can call that poster done!

Woo to the hoo!

Until next time kids…

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