Super Short… Wednesday? Scotty Heads Downton… After Having Tea And Scones With Hugh Bonneville! Autographs! And More!

Downton, where the lights are bright.

First off, my apologies. I’ve had the flu and I’m super forgetful these days. Scotty turned this one in and it got lost in my haze of confusion and madness.

One of Scotty’s favorite shows is Downton Abbey, the British period drama. Recently, he had the good fortune to meet Hugh Bonneville and he signed a quick cast photo for him. It really does look great!

Check out Scotty’s recap below!

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Super Short Sunday – Hugh Bonneville
June 7, 2015
By: Scott

This week I was able to add to my Downton Abbey cast piece. Hugh Bonneville was in town, and I was not going to miss getting him. I have been working on two cast pieces. Hugh was nice enough to sign one of them. I am excited to have met him. I will have to wait until next time for him to sign the other. Thank you Hugh!

hugh bonneville fan photo signing autographs selfie 2

hugh bonneville signed autograph downton abbey cast photo

hugh bonneville signed autograph downton abbey cast photo

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