Hustlers Q and A! Meeting The Amazing Ms. Jennifer Lopez! One Of My Favorite Photos Of All Time!

Let’s get that Hustle on!

So, Lisa-Lisa and I had an amazing opportunity to attend a q and a and screening of the film Hustlers starring Ms. Jennifer Lopez.

Now, it was a small screening and Jennifer Lopez was doing a q and a after the film. There was also a reception but you never know about these things. But… We had to go and try right?

The film was actually really good and we had prime seats for the q and a

It was very good and the q and a was lively.

You can tell everyone involved really loved making the movie.

I didn’t realize that the film was made so fast, and on an indie budget. It was very small budget wise and the film was shot within  a month or so I believe which is incredibly fast for Hollywood.

After the q and a we were told to head up to the reception and Jennifer would be talking to people upstairs.

So, we did.

After a few minutes they brought Jennifer Lopez up and we waited out turn to say hello. It was fairly calm and not like the Shades of Blue q and a I went to a while back.

I talked with Jennifer for a few minutes about the movie and I hope I didn’t make a complete fool of myself and babble too fucking much, but I was talking to Jennifer Lopez… Soooo there’s a good chance I did. lol.

But I did get an incredible photo with her, so that’s amazing.

Woo to the hoo!

Until next time kids…


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