It’s Jessica Alba Day! For Billy… When He Meets The Star Not Once But Twice! Part One Of His Alba-Venture!

Billy… God bless him… He loves him some Jessica Alba and he headed out for what he calls Jessica Alba day! LOL… He met the star not once but twice… in one day! That’s two times the coolness! Two times the quality! Two times the Into the Blue magic!

Check out part of one of Billy’s Jessica Alba day below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo

Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool! Have I ever mentioned how much 
I love Jessica Alba?

Today I get to meet her not ONCE, but TWICE! And 
oh it was nice! I might have gotten the day off for Jessica Alba day. 
She was going to be doing an interview, and she had a Premiere all in 
the same day. Busy girl! You could say she’s almost as busy as a 
similar actor, Mr. Channing Tatum! Well, off to see my girl!

I get to the interview early to make sure I get a good spot. After 
waiting a little bit, there she was (play dream weaver in the back of 
your head while you read this part and look at the pictures) She looks 
amazing as always!

(Editor’s Note: Dream Weaver? Really? M-)

Jessica Alba taping an interview for Extra at universal studios

She’s there to promote the Honest Company. A company that she help 
start, that takes chemical out of everyday items that we use. Making 
the world and one’s body a better place.

(Editor’s Note: I have so many comments I can’t stop them… Can’t… STOP! M-)

Jessica Alba taping an interview for Extra at universal studios

When the interview is finished she comes right over to sign. But not 
in my area. AGH!!! She hit’s up 2 barricades and then turns to leave. 
NOOOOOOO! Is this really happening again! Then she literally turns 
around and comes straight to us! I was told it might have been from 
the desperation of my voice.

Jessica Alba signing autographs taping an interview for Extra at universal studios

I’d like to thank Scotty for teaching me 
that! I got one of my photos done. I really don’t push it, I was 
hoping to get a picture too, but no luck. That’s fine, I have another 
chance, and that was amazing!

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