Viva Las Vegas! Exploring Abandoned Filming Location Lake Dolores Waterpark! Plus Tim Burton’s Lost Vegas Art Installation At The Neon Museum!

So, I was just in Vegas and I had an absolute blast, I’d tell you more about it, but what happens in Vegas, is supposed to stay in Vegas… Ah, nothing that exciting happened.


I did see a TON of slot machines with pop culture references though. I didn’t do much gambling but I did drop five bucks into a Goonies themed slot machine. I mean, I am a Goonie after all.


There were also slot machines with Sex and the City, Tarzan, Dolly Parton, The Big Bang Theory and what seemed like hundreds more. I was a little shocked and I know how much people love gambling with slot machines, some in person and some people love free online slots but I didn’t know they liked to use Sheldon to gamble with. LOL


It is pretty amazing how pop culture has permeated every part of our culture and that includes Sin City itself.


I loved my time in Las Vegas I have to tell you.

We did a few things, one of them was visit Lost Vegas, the Tim Burton attraction at The Neon Museum. OMG!

Vegas has always held a special place in my heart, it’s just one of those rare cities that has it’s own vibe and feel. A place you can’t replicate. The Neon signs are a definitive sign of this for sure.

Lost Vegas is an art installation that Tim Burton did to show his love of the city. It’s awesome.

Tim has put a lot of himself into the museum but it’s not overwhelming.

The Neon signs are still the stars which I love to be honest.

They have the signs from the Stardust (the former home of the cult classic Showgirls, um hello!) and the Frontier hotel and casino which is where my grandma used to always stay when we were in town. I’m so glad that sign survived. I have so many amazing memories of that hotel and it’s nice to see the Neon Museum saved a piece of it.

It’s really hard to preserve every last piece of signage from Las Vegas, as it changes constantly but I’m so glad that The Neon Museum has done this and has done such a great job in preserving so much of Las Vegas’ past.

One of the coolest spots I was able to visit on the way to Las Vegas was the abandoned water park which is on the way from La La Land to  Viva Las Vegas.

It’s called Lake Dolores Water Park and is amazeballs. It’s been abandoned for over 13 years and has fallen into quite a bit of disarray, but is so awesome to walk through. I love finding out of the way things to explore.

People have turned into a mini art project with tons of graffiti and all kinds of fun stuff.


Lake Dolores Waterpark appeared on Rob & Big on MTV and in a skate movie called Kilian Martin: Altered Route and in Kesha’s video for High Road! Pretty awesome right?

You can check out more pictures from Lake Dolores WaterPark below.


I may have done my best Blue Steel impression in most of them. What can I say? I’m too sexy for my Dr Pepper shirt.

If you want to check it out for yourself the Lake Dolores Waterpark is located at: 72 Hacienda Rd, Newberry Springs, CA 92365

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