Magic Mike 2! Channing Tatum Tweets That He’s Hard At Work Writing The Sequel! Ladies Of Tampa Get Ready!

magic mike hot sexy movie poster channing tatum stripping

Sexy ladies of Tampa…

Get out the leg wax and shaving creme, it looks like there’s going to be another Magic Mike!

Yep, Magic Mike 2! According to Channing Tatum’s twitter and The Hollywood Reporter… Channing Tatum is flexing more than his muscles this time. In fact, he’s writing the follow up. If you recall the first one was based on his early days as a stripper.

channing tatum shirtless hot magic mike press photo rare dance hottie sexy abs rare dance

No word yet on whether the other men of Magic Mike like Matt Bomer or Matthew McConaughey will be making a return appearance.

God willing, this time there will be less love story and more about the actual club. Hello!

Check out the pic Channing Tatum tweeted!

Channing tatum writing Magic Mike 2

Channing tatum writing Magic Mike 2

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