Thanksgiving Throwback! Pinky Says, “How You Doin’?” After Meeting Friends Star Matt LeBlanc!

How can you not love Thanksgiving?

It’s one of the best holidays of all time. And Friends has some of the best Thanksgiving episodes of all time.

Pinky was lucky enough to meet none other than Matt LeBlanc right before the holiday!

Check out her recap below!


Hello, my lovelies! Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here grateful and excited for the holiday season to arrive! I couldn’t let Thanksgiving completely pass without mentioning how much I loved and adored the Thanksgiving episodes on Friends – they always cracked me up the most.


Speaking of Friends….a few weeks ago, we were lucky to chat with Matt LeBlanc (Joey!) at the Cavalia Odysseo show and he could not have been sweeter. Matt was there with his lovely daughter and we had a chance to chat with them both and experience the magic of the show. I was so proud of myself for not blurting out, “How YOU doin’?” which is basically all I wanted to say the entire time.


Matt was so cool, though, and even remembers meeting Keith back in the day. We talked about Keith auditioning for Chandler and how when Keith saw Matthew Perry at the audition he knew Matthew Perry would be a shoe-in for the role. Matt LeBlanc told us that the first choice for the role was actually Craig Bierko – I’d never heard that before! While I’d met Matt LeBlanc a few other times at various functions, our pictures together were less than stellar, so I was stoked to get a really cute one with him this time. So fun! Thanks, Matt, for being so awesome. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Matt LeBlanc meeting fans signing autographs 1

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