James Gets Pitch Slapped After Meeting Anna Kendrick! Autographs! Photos! And Aca-Goodness!

I’m telling you, sometimes the last minute Goonie adventure is the best thing ever. If I plan something inevitably when the time comes I’m like… “Eh…” but if it’s last minute usually I can run out the door. Odd right?

James got a last minute call and burst out the door when he heard that Anna Kendrick was out and about. Anna is one of his favorite people ever!

Check out his recap below!


Something that I think is well known about me: I love Anna Kendrick. My undoubted highlight of 2013 was finally meeting her after what seemed like years of waiting. Whether it be in 50/50, Up In The Air, Scott Pilgrim, Cake or Pitch Perfect, I just think she is amazing.

With the release of Pitch Perfect 2 a couple of weeks ago, I was really hoping Anna would make a trip over to promote the film, despite the fact that there was sadly no UK premiere to be held. Sure enough, I saw a tweet from one of the UK media agencies listing a few “celebrities in London next week”, which included Anna. I had no idea what she would be doing, but was hoping that something would be announced that I could make. So much so for the week I kept a couple of DVDs and a camera with me at my desk at work, just in case I’d here something last minute that I could make after work.

It was worth doing. With no more than a couple of hours notice, I got word that Anna would be recording a TV interview at the BBC before attending a screening of Pitch Perfect 2. So as soon as work finished, I headed down to the BBC to find a crowd of 20 or so people waiting. I arrived about 5 minutes before the TV show was due to start, so was expecting Anna to have been long inside. But, she hadn’t arrived yet. With the show so close to start, I didn’t imagine she would stop going in; indeed, her car drove into the inaccessible garage usually reserved for servicing vehicles.

But.. this is why I love Anna. Having seen people waiting, rather than go on-air as she should have done, she walked back outside to meet everyone waiting. I was totally shocked!! She didn’t rush in the slightest, and made sure everyone got what they wanted.

Anna Kendrick signed signing autographs bbc 3

She kindly signed my 50/50, What to Expect when You’re Expecting and Up In The Air DVD covers, and posed for a photo with me too.

Anna Kendrick signed signing autographs bbc 3

Anna Kendrick signed signing autographs bbc 3

Anna Kendrick signed signing autographs bbc 3

Happy James!!

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