New Movie Poster Round Up! Footloose! Cowboys And Aliens! Abduction With Taylor Lautner! Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes With James Franco!

“Footloose, Footloose, Kick off your Sunday shoes…” Who didn’t love the Kenny Loggins classic title track from the Kevin Bacon classic? I mean hello! It’s amazing! Now, again… It’s being remade…Ah, thank God for originality… Sigh… I’m sure this is a full blown out musical and is probably based on the off-Broadway or Broadway remake of the movie… It kills me… Seriously… A movie, based on a play, that’s based on a movie… Isn’t this like a farce?

Okay, I must climb down from my soapbox… So, the teaser poster for… Footloose was just released, and apparently a young dude no one knows laying on a car in a field is supposed to get me to shell out 12 bucks for a movie I own on DVD… Okay… I might have gone if the poster featured Dennis Quaid, and Andie MacDowell doing a jig of some sort on the poster… Now, that… worth 12 bucks…
Kenny Wormald dennis quaid rare footloose one sheet movie poster promo 2011 hot sexy photo shoot one sheet rare remake
Come on! Seeing Dennis Quaid try to dance! Priceless! This poster is just trying way to hard to be cool, and really is super boring…

Now, speaking of retreads, we have the second poster for the sure to be timeless classic Abduction featuring Taylor Lautner… I like him; I’m on the record, but this poster… What is he like Spider-Man and chilling on the side of a building…? And look at his face… It looks like a generic football player with no facial features… couldn’t they have at least taken a frame from the film! I mean this is almost as bad as those horrendous X-Men: First Class posters!
Abduction version 2 rare one sheet movie poster taylor lautner sexy hot rare promo inception muscle abs promo workout asian building promo
The only thing that could make this poster worse is if the title or heading was right over his generic face. Seriously…. WTF!

Now, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, does nothing for me. James Franco looks stoned at all times, and while that works for Pineapple Express it’s getting a little old. Still the trailer is creepy in a good way, but the world is having enough issues so why do I want to see a movie that basically says apes can rule the earth better than humans. I don’t doubt that sometimes, but I don’t want to see it in film.
rise of the planet of the apes rare uk quad move poster promo james franco apes remake hot one sheet movie poster promo
That said, I love this poster! It’s really spot on, and that ape… He’s a creepy SOB!

Now, Comic Con is coming up and I’m already gearing up for the geek bonanza… Ah… Sweaty convention halls with movie swag… good times… and the thing a lot of people are talking about… Cowboys and Aliens…

As of yet, I am not impressed… I heart Jon Favreau, but I’m not sold on this yet. Love Olivia Wilde, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, I mean great cast. But I’m still feeling a tad cold towards this. I don’t know why.
rare cowboys and aliens rare mini promo poster olivia wilde harrison ford daniel craig hot sexy promo jon favreau signed autograph indiana jones tron legacy james bond
There are two new posters, one with Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilder with Daniel Craig and one with 007 by his lonesome… Awww… Again, kinda boring… It’s called Cowboys and Aliens… That’s original, but the posters say, “Old movie icons with hot chick.” And that my friend has been done before!
rare cowboys and aliens rare mini promo poster olivia wilde harrison ford daniel craig hot sexy promo jon favreau signed autograph indiana jones tron legacy daniel craig individual mini movie poster hot sexy promo

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